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Mechanical hand metal bars suspended Keyboards LOL backlit wired gaming desktop notebook keyboard

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Wo Ye Iron Man
  • Brand: fertile field
  • Model: Iron Man
  • Package type: official standard
  • Yes No Mechanical keyboard: No
  • Color Classification: metal chassis keyboard metal keyboard + macro metal mouse white metal keyboard + macro metal mouse black metal keyboard + 3D mouse white metal keyboard + 3D mouse black metal keyboard + 3D mouse red
  • Whether to support Plug and Play: support
  • Connection: Wired
  • Whether there are multimedia function keys: Yes
  • Interface type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Condition: New
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops

Macro programming What is it?

Macro programming : Is the game in the keyboard keys + mouse button combined to A button on the mouse.

Why do buyers say value!

one : Support 6 key custom, macro programming, to meet all kinds of game settings feature (comes with a configuration file can be saved without having to re-set to solve the trouble set);

two : Macro programming software comes with popular game macros, without cumbersome operation, a key set, immediately Super God (Speed ​​of light QA , Wine barrels Eflash , blind monk Rflash , Prince with two , Ngau Tau Erlian , More game macro after receipt of goods to customer service request);

three : Support a total of 4 files DPI, 4 files fast switch 1200-1600-2400-3200 (whether it is designed to meet the graphics or games);

four : Press the button using competitive game micro switch, rebound neat, crisp feel, the use of more durable;

Fives : Ergonomic design, skin shell design, human surface design, more fit Asian hand type. Left and right symmetrical design, long with no tired, durable fighting is not a thing;

six : Support for fast game mode, multimedia mode, office mode switch! (Drive page a key switch button function, play games, songs, office horse are instantaneous heart of things!

Please download the official website of the corresponding model of the driver Http: // wwwszwoyecom / downloadasp? Sid = 4