Wireless USB Older Hearing Aids | Hidden Deafness Hearing Aid Hearing Aid

Wireless USB Older Hearing Aids | Hidden Deafness Hearing Aid Hearing Aid

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Guangdong Province
  • Hearing aids categories: wireless back-type
  • Medical Devices Product Name: Bang Lijian ear-type hearing aids
  • Brand: State of health
  • Model: C-108
  • Value-added services: seven days no reason to return
  • Implementation of the standard number: 20152460405
  • Registration No .: Guangdong Food and Drug Administration
  • Production enterprises: Zhongshan City, Shen Rui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd ..
  • Diseases: hearing loss hearing impairment
  • Symptoms: deafness
  • Applicable people: not limited
  • Optional hot spot: Wireless USB back-charging
  • C-108 (send dry box + gift bag + blood pressure monitor + two-year warranty + good luck 包邮) ears to wear C-108 * 2 (send drying box + gift bag + blood pressure + Hearing aid C-108 (send drying box + gift bag + two-year warranty + SF)

Please read the product manual carefully or under the guidance of the medical staff to buy and use

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