Bang Fitness | Wireless USB charging elderly hearing aid | invisible elderly deaf BTE hearing aids machine C-108

Bang Fitness | Wireless USB charging elderly hearing aid | invisible elderly deaf BTE hearing aids machine C-108

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong
  • Hearing aids category: Wireless BTE
  • Medical Devices Product Name: Bang Fitness BTE hearing aids
  • Brand: Bang Fitness
  • Model: C-108
  • Value-added services: seven days no reason to return
  • The implementation of standards: Guangdong armed NOTE quasi 20,152,460,405
  • Registration No: Guangdong Food and Drug Administration firearms production 20122222
  • Company: Zhongshan City, Shanghai Rui Electronic Technology Co.,
  • Disease: Hearing loss hearing impaired
  • Symptoms: Deafness
  • For people: Any
  • Optional hot: Wireless BTE USB charging
  • Color Classification: Rechargeable Hearing Aid C-108 + (special drying box + gift bag + high-end two-year warranty) Updated: digital hearing aids + (special drying box + gift bag + high-end two-year warranty)

Please read the instructions carefully or purchase and use under the guidance of medical staff

—— State Life Fitness Brand Profile ——

Shenzhen City, State Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Fitness is specialized in home medical equipment research, development, production and sales of domestic enterprises, one of China's state-Life hearing aid brands.

State force alive on the management system integration to meet international standards. Fitness is the Chinese state hearing chain larger scale, rich experience, complete professional services network services platform, many years of development, with a deep understanding of the hearing aid industry, state Fitness seek quality hearing aid technology and cost-effective combination of points, developed affordable hearing aids and hearing aids cost-effective to provide customers with a range from low-end until hearing aid products to meet the diverse needs of customers, state Life Fitness products can be used in combination enjoy and bring better services more auditory state with Life Fitness and efficient distribution system, products purchased will be subject to a more appropriate protection.

—— Bang Fitness focus home medical equipment ——

—— development path ——

Because the focus, so professional!

Bang Fitness adhere to create "high-quality, cost-effective 'business philosophy
The future, we will get 'home medical equipment brands' efforts to move forward!

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