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Iphone4s mobile phone shell border metal Japan and South Korea Apple 4S mobile phone sets of new products 4 shell tide men and women

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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: metal
  • Style: Border type
  • Color Classification: Green Gold Dark Blue Deep Gray with button Sky Blue Ribbon button Silver with button purple hippocampus buckle brown with pink button with the earth tyrannical gold (light copper) with button black
  • Style: England
  • For mobile phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iPhone4S
  • Brand: XIQI / Xiaoqiang
  • Model: 4 / 4S metal frame

Buy before reading, because the metal a little impact on the signal, such as your own cell phone signal is only 1 to 2 cells, or remote mountainous areas, please do not buy.

(Another signal problem is not a quality problem, such as signal problems return the guests themselves bear the return shipping)

Such as remote mountain areas to solve the problem of no signal

The border inside the four corners are posted a cotton paste, the phone and the border separated in the border inside the paste point of cotton paste or pad of paper will not have the signal of this situation

Delicate Version ! Excellent quality!

Now enough to buy 2Item Even sent Double Spree! Limited number,

Only earn earn sales credibility! Is not really make money!

December upgrade version: border four corners of the inside to join the protection of cotton paste, both the perfect protection of mobile phones, but also to do a good fit, will not loose, etc.! These pictures are shot out Without any modification Directly put up, to facilitate everyone to see detail!

Hole position is very accurate . Charging the bottom of the data interface is not redundant design, please use the original data cable charging , Each will be sent to a professional screwdriver and spare screws.

Volume keys and mute button up and bare metal effect is the same oh

Suitable for the summer with this border, good heat, feel good! Bare machine feel!

In the hand to feel the slightest surplus, but also the perfect protection of your phone.

Product Features:

1. With the iphone shell the same production process, get the same feel and iphone visual effects.
2. Super-thin CNC machining process, the thickness of only 0.7MM. Weight and feel are reached, you do not feel installed in the case of protective shell to protect your mobile phone.

3.0.7mm thickness of more than a sub-cumbersome, less a lack of protection degree of gold ratio, taking into account your protection and portable.

4. Ultra-thin technology to iphone peripheral design standards, do not touch or cover part of the design manual to ensure a smooth signal