Xiaoqiang phone shell Apple 4s new Apple phone shell border fruit products 4 4s mobile phone shell metal men ip4

Xiaoqiang phone shell Apple 4s new Apple phone shell border fruit products 4 4s mobile phone shell metal men ip4

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Metal
  • Style: Border formula
  • Color Category: dark blue dark gray green color with gold buttons sky blue with silver buttons with key purple brown pink with key Tyrant gold (light copper) with black button
  • Style: British
  • Applicable phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iPhone4S
  • Brand: XIQI / Xiaoqiang
  • Type: 4 / 4S metal frame

Reading before you buy, because of the metal affects the signal a little, if you own a mobile phone signal only 1-2 cells, or in remote mountainous areas, please do not buy.

(Another problem is not the quality of the signal, such as signal problems returned after the guests themselves return shipping)

Such as remote mountain areas to solve no signal problem

Border four corners which are affixed to the cotton stick, to separate the phone and the border, which posted at border points or cotton stick a wad of paper does not signal the presence or absence of a situation

Refinement Version ! Excellent quality!

Enough to buy now 2Item Gave Duplicate Spree! Limited number,

Just to make sales earn credibility! Is really not money!

December Updated: medial border of the four corners of the added protection of cotton stick, both perfectly protect your phone, but also allows the fit to do good, and so will not loose! These pictures are shot out Without any modification Direct impress facilitate everyone to see detail!

Very accurate holes The bottom data charging interface no extra design, please use the original data cable charging Each member will send professional screwdriver and spare screws.

Volume button and press the mute button and go bare-metal effect is the same oh

Summer suitable for this frame, heat, feel good! The bare hand!

In his hand feel the slightest excess. Also perfect to protect your phone.

Product Features:

1. iphone case with the same production process, obtained iphone the same feel and visual effects.
2. Superb slim CNC machining technology, the thickness of only 0.7MM. Weight and feel are reached, in the case that you do not feel install protective shell to protect your mobile phone.

3.0.7mm thickness is a little more cumbersome, curbing the lack of protection of the golden ratio, having regard to your protection and portability.

4. The process to achieve iphone thin peripheral design standards, do not contact or cover design manual specified part, to ensure the smooth flow of good signal