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South Korean mobile phone shell i6s GY Apple iPhone6 ​​cartoon painted reliefs 4.7 -inch transparent soft silicone protective sleeve

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Product parameters :

  • Protective sleeve texture: soft
  • Style: protective shell
  • Color Classification : i6 GY Monkey i6 GY spoof spoof spoof Iori i6 GY Dahl i6 GY Crocker Road i6 GY fly spoof spoof spoof Bika Qiu i6 GY Joe i6 GY Saiyan i6 GY spoof spoof spoof Spider i6 GY Solomon i6 GY Naruto i6 GY spoof spoof spoof Buu i6 GY witch i6 GY Apple i6 GY squat toilet spoof spoof spoof of the domestic mobile phone i6 GY skateboard i6 GY Diamond i6 GY spoof spoof spoof Li Bai i6 GY sweating Spiderman spoof Dwyane i6 i6 GY World Cup i6 GY GY spoof spoof spoof faith astronaut i6 GY dog i6 GY spoof spoof Takoyaki i6 GY driving
  • Style: Cartoon
  • Applicable phone models : Apple / Apple
  • Model : iPhone6
  • Brand : GY
  • Model : iphone 6 4.7 / 5.5