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★ before the DV69-B501 thickening Notepad | student office 16K big book | front notebook

★ before the DV69-B501 thickening Notepad | student office 16K big book | front notebook
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: FRONT / DV69-B501
  • Packing: single-loaded
  • Brand: FRONT / the former pass
  • Model: DV69-B501
  • Color Classification: Chardonnay - Black Deep Yellow Jujube Red and Green Red Blue Lichee Pattern - Rose Yellow Satin Pattern - Green Rose Red Satin Pattern - Pink Lychee Pattern - Coffee Black Lychee Pattern - Light Gray Lychee Pattern - Bronze Lichee Pattern - Black Lichee pattern - sky blue Sha Ding Wen - blue sand Ding Wen - rose red sand grain - yellow
  • Format: B5
  • Popular elements: bread family
  • Notepad Category: General Notebook
  • Cover Hardness: soft surface copy
  • Binding method: wire-bound
  • Cover material: imitation leather
  • Style: Business

Thicker 154 (308), B5 large book: 19 * 26cm

Before the pass DV69-B501 Levin grain leather surface notepad

Standard sizes: Large B5, width 190 × height 260 × thickness 15mm, the size of the magazine.
Cover material: Advanced PVC Rennie pattern leather material, black, red, yellow, blue four-color optional.
Inside Material: 70 grams of yellow ecliptic paper, light gray horizontal lines.
Number of Inner Pages: 154/308 face, the last 8 for the blank belt can be torn dotted line, can be used with the tear, does not affect the other inside pages.
Product Features: The cover adopts advanced leather material, one-time forming and rounded trimming process, exquisite and beautiful. The inner page adopts the glossy road paper, printing fine, simple and elegant.
commodity weight: 0.6 kg.
Product packaging: Single plastic packaging.