★ front through DV69-B501 thick notepad | Student Office 16K big book | front notebook

★ front through DV69-B501 thick notepad | Student Office 16K big book | front notebook

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: FRONT / front through DV69-B501
  • Packing: The loaded single
  • Brand: FRONT / front through
  • Model: DV69-B501
  • Color Category: Red Blue Yellow Green Satin black lines - Claret Satin Rose pattern - embossed yellow - light gray sardine pattern - black embossed - Black Satin pattern - pink embossed - Sky Blue Satin pattern - Green Litchi grain - Rose embossed - deep yellow embossed bronze - coffee Satin lines - Lan Mei red A4 Queen - royal blue A4 A4 red Queen - Queen brown A4 - green
  • Format: B5
  • Popular elements: bread family
  • Notepad classification: Universal Notebook
  • Cover Hardness: soft surface copy
  • Binding ways: thread-bound binding
  • Cover Material: Leather
  • Style: Business

Thickened 154 (308 face), B5 big book: 19 * 26cm

Front through DV69-B501 Lenny grain leather notepad

Standard sizes: Queen B5, width 190 × height 260 × thickness 15mm, the size of the magazine.
Cover Material: Advanced PVC Lenny grain leather, black, red, yellow, blue four-color optional.
Inside material: 70 gm Huangdao Lin paper, light gray horizontal lines.
In-page number of sheets: 154/308 side, the last eight as a blank tape may tear the dotted line, can be used with tear, does not affect the other inside pages.
Product Features: Cover with advanced leather, one-time molding and rounded cutting edge technology, the exquisite beauty; inside pages Dowling sleek, printing fine, simple and elegant integration of the use of stitchers, durable, never out page.
commodity weight: 0.6kg / present.
Product packaging: The single plastic packaging.