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LUPHIE iPhone6 ​​color film mobile phone foil | Apple 6s before and after embossing protective film HD screen stickers 4.7

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: LUPHIE
  • Model: iphone6 ​​luminous color film
  • Material: pet
  • Film Features: Color film HD
  • Film type: before and after the film
  • Color Classification: This tip language do not shoot: three 包邮 i6 embossed travel tower i6 embossed fresh flowers i6 embossed stars little girl i6 relief love small whales i6 relief mei embossed red bow i6 embossed point flowers i6 relief black and white bow i6 embossed foundation crown i6 Embossed Moon Bunny i6 Embossed Symphonic Letters i6 Embossed Love Giraffe i6 Embossed Ribbon Cat i6 Embossed Monroe Flying Skirt i6 Embossed Forest Bunny i6 Embossed Small Flower Deer
  • Applicable brands: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iPhone6

New put 'price'

Applicable Model Apple iphone6 ​​(4.7 inch)

HD color film is not generally comparable color film

Long-term use is not bleaching, can be repeated paste

Small cute little fresh

Color film in front of the part, all with A scratch-resistant high-definition film