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Dahua DVR 16-channel NVR HD host DH-NVR4216 digital network surveillance recorders

Dahua DVR 16-channel NVR HD host DH-NVR4216 digital network surveillance recorders
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Product parameters:

  • Memory capacity: 1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB none
  • Brand: Dahua
  • Model: DH-NVR4216
  • Interface type: BNC / VGA / HDIM
  • Monitor the number of cameras: 16
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Compression format: H.264
  • Applicable to: DVR business machine
  • City service: city logistics door-to-door

The following parameters are 8-16-32 combined parameters

● can be connected to support ONVIF, RTSP protocol third-party cameras and mainstream brand cameras;
● Support 600W pixel HD network video preview, storage and playback;
● Supports decoding 6-way 1080P;
● support 32-channel video playback and multi-channel synchronous playback;
● support preview, playback video electronic zoom;
● support for event query, playback, backup video files, support for local playback and query pictures;
● support 1 voice intercom;
● UOB agreement, you can use the mouse to control PTZ rotation, zoom, positioning;
● Remote configuration management IPC, parameter settings, information access, the same type of batch upgrade IPC;
● Support P2P remote monitoring, mobile-side playback;
● support a key to add the camera;
● Support digital watermark verification;
● Support the network ANR;
● support for video storage;
● Supports UPnP, DHCP, HTTP, Email, NTP, SNMP (network management), PPPoE (dial-up) , DDNS (dynamic domain name resolution), FTP (file transfer)

DH-NVR42 series

Parameter classification parameter Parameter value
System parameters Main processor

Industrial embedded microcontrollers

operating system

Embedded Linux real - time operating system

System resources

4: 32Mbps stream; 8: 64Mbps stream; 16: 128Mbps stream; 32: 200Mbps bit stream

Operation interface

WEB mode, local GUI operation

Audio parameters Audio Input

1 channel, support IPC audio input

Audio output

1 channel, support voice intercom IPC

Audio compression standard


Video parameters Video input

4/8/16/32 road

Video output

1 VGA video output, 1 channel HDMI video output, support VGA / HDMI video output at the same time

Video compression standard

H.264 / MJPEG

Screen segmentation

Road 4: 1, 4, 8, 9, 16, 25, 36 segmentation

Decode parameters Decoding type

H.264 / MJPEG

Decoding capability

6 × 1080P; 12 × 720P; 32 × D1

Features Multi-channel playback

6 × 1080P; 12 × 720P; 16 × D1

interface SATA interface

2 built-in SATA3.0 interface

RS232 interface

1 RS-232 for debugging and transparent transmission of serial data

USB interface

Front panel 1 USB2.0 interface, rear panel 1 USB3.0 interface

HDMI interface


Network Interface

1 Gigabit Ethernet port

Indicator light

1 system status indicator, 1 power status indicator, 1 network status indicator, 1 hard disk status indicator

General parameters powered by

1 power interface, power adapter power supply mode, input DC 12V power supply

Power consumption

< 20W (不含硬盘)

Operating temperature

-10 ° C to + 55 ° C

Working humidity

10 ℅ ~ 90 ℅


1U chassis, 375mm × 275mm × 56mm


4kg (without hard disk)


Desktop installation