Beauty Shop Pro superior to grafting eyelash glue | drying non-irritating anti-allergic planting lasting special glue

Beauty Shop Pro superior to grafting eyelash glue | drying non-irritating anti-allergic planting lasting special glue

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: to excellent
  • Name: non-stimulating glue
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin

Tips to excellent: all the world's grafting glue, "wicking" and "hypoallergenic" are not simultaneously exist, if you want to "wicking" effect, would not have "hypoallergenic" in effect at the same time. If you want to get "hypoallergenic" effect, nor with the effect of "wicking" is. fish and bear's paw as if the two can not have both the same.

Glue eyelashes is one of the most need to be careful to use the equipment, different types of glue, using different methods, the use of glue is often due to 'glue into the pores' 'glue too much' 'is not completely dry' caused by eyelid itching, swelling, etc. symptoms, there are also 'eyelashes off' issue many pro occur after use, and these phenomena are mostly caused by improper use glue because, regardless of the glue itself.

Excellent for you to organize a detailed use glue, please pro must be read carefully in order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the grafting process.

First, the amount of glue:

The amount of glue is not possible, focus on Uniform If the amount of excess, after grafting done slowly, need to wait too long.

Second, after grafting Note:

After grafting End Do not rush to wash bath In which truth is the glue solidified when it is most 6Hours later, no freezes it will dilute the wet, will soon fall! Trachoma will be, no matter how good the glue with water into the eyes is not comfortable (this is the most important point, is the most easily overlooked point).

Grafted eyelashes go Sauna is taboo ! Out quickly, or the next day departing! The reason is very simple, all grafted oil and high temperature glue are afraid!! Because eyelash removable glue paste unloading the main component of vegetable oil!

When after grafting makeup, you should not use oily cosmetics or makeup.

Third, the use of glue tips:

Before grafting, first glue Shake a few , Better (since the glue is liquid, while the glue stored inside the substance will produce precipitation, before using a shake will glue even better integration, better results), I recommend at least shake 20Times.

Fourth, the grafting process:

Eyelash glue in the access time not to touch the pores should be connected The top or side of the real lashes Prevent eye lashes fall off.

Using planting grafted eyelash glue, please note Do not touch other solutions and other substances (Except glue enhancer) may cause white glue, before grafting lashes first with the cleaning liquid after the original body of the lashes dry cleaning dryer is then grafted.

Fifth, glue storage:

Avoid over-temperature glue, avoid direct sunlight , Be sure to use clean bottle after tightening, even sealed with plastic wrap, 8Degrees storage. Refrigerator fresh glue can extend the shelf life of several weeks. Once opened, use glue finished within two months.

Glue from the glue bottle dripping crystal table or paste should then be immediately forced to hold the bottle, try to put the inside of the gas out of the bottle to keep the glue dry, avoid contact with air. After dry with a clean cloth and tighten caps, save in the shadows.

Sixth, quick-drying and non-irritating:

Grafting glue all over the world, "Sugan "and"Prevent allergy "It is impossible to coexist, if you want to" wicking "effect, would not have" hypoallergenic "role. At the same time, if you want to get" hypoallergenic "effect, nor with the effect of" wicking "of as far as the fish and bear's paw can not have both and the same.

A lot of parents who do not know how to use grafting eyelash glue, so it gives a low negative feedback, I believe you after perusing these six, will not easily travel to comment.