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L-type socket wrench | 7-type pipe-type double-headed elbow wrench outside the six-socket wrench

L-type socket wrench | 7-type pipe-type double-headed elbow wrench outside the six-socket wrench
Product code: 3911400030
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Sold quantity 22097
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: sj / on the carpenter
  • Model: L Perforation wrench
  • Color classification: SJ Perforated wrench 6mm SJ Perforated wrench 7mm SJ Perforated wrench 8mm SJ Perforated wrench 9mm SJ Perforated wrench 10mm SJ Perforated wrench 11mm SJ Perforated wrench 12mm SJ Perforated wrench 13mm SJ Perforated wrench 14mm SJ Perforated wrench 15mm SJ Perforated wrench 16mm SJ Perforated wrench Perforated wrench 18mm SJ Perforated wrench 19mm
  • Material: chrome vanadium alloy steel
  • Standard: Metric

Product Name: L-type punch wrench

Specifications: 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm12mm 13mm 14mm15mm 16mm 17mm 18mm 19mm
Series: car care, wrenches Main materials: chrome vanadium steel

Maintenance and use of hand tools:

Confucius said: 'to be good at work, we must first of its profits.' To complete each processing or assembly tasks, first of all to equip the right tools.Hardware tools can not only use not to maintain, that would reduce the use of hardware tools Life, please use and maintain your tools.
(A) the maintenance of hand tools:
All tools should be regularly checked and maintained, after each use, please clean the surface of the tool stains, the case of metal products, please rust on the oil to prevent rust.
In case of failure or damage should be immediately repaired, damaged tools are likely to cause harm.
Tools should be used before the right to know the use and scope, select the appropriate tools for maintenance operations.Usually do not use the tool, still need maintenance.
The hand tools must be used in accordance with the intended use, the tool is not installed before the ban on the use of never damaged or defective tools.
(B) the principle of safe use of hand tools:
(1) Select a suitable hand tool for the job. (2) Keep the tool in good condition.
(3) Select the manual tool with good material. (4) Check the manual tool before use.
⑤ the right way to use hand tools. ⑥ manual tools should be placed in a safe place.
⑦ Wear suitable protective equipment before work ⑧ Use standard tools or specified tools.