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Buy 1 get 3 Kang Zhu cupping | cupping household pumping | B12 canister vacuum cupping thicker | non jars

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Product parameters:

  • made in China
  • Packing: 12 cans / box
  • Medical Devices Product Name: cupping
  • Brand: Kang Zhu
  • Model: B12
  • Value-added services: Warranty
  • Executive Standard: Beijing armed Drug Administration (prospective) word 2011 No. 1270138
  • Cupping appliances Category: Oil cupping glass cupping vacuum cupping vacuum magnetic cupping
  • Registration No: YZB / Beijing 0899-2008
  • Manufacturer: Beijing Kangda World Medical Appliance Center
  • For people: Any

Cupping is now green and yellow purge valve purge valve are two types of the same product quality, because of the larger than can not be assigned to you, oh, random delivery

Our default hair in the pass, Shen Tong, postal packets, for the courier, please note, customers village to go to the trouble of Notes under the express order of receipt oh

Please read the product description or content taboos purchase and use under the guidance of medical staff or see instructions Notes

About Kang Zhu cupping sale problems:
1. After the sale of products to enjoy seven days no reason to return
Orders 2.3 months or so there is a problem and needs replacement (or for parts), shipping to bear half of each of the parties (the buyer sent back out of their own replacement parts, we changed out of our business commitment)

3.3 months or more orders for aftermarket needs of freight borne entirely buyers.