200 CA-601E LCD high sensitivity metal detector security doors factory high-speed rail security apparatus prison

200 CA-601E LCD high sensitivity metal detector security doors factory high-speed rail security apparatus prison

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Enterprise Asia
  • Model: CA-601E security door

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Brand: Enterprise Asia

Model: CA-601E


The following optional features require consultation before the next one customization, product shipments are free of default the following features.

Reserved communication interface use computer software Change the parameters or the roller shutter ban linkage (cable required, please inform the customer how long); Optional video camera (Plus 2500 yuan); Optional Battery 4 hours (plus 800 yuan).

1. The security doors belong to big-ticket items, default take the logistics from mentioning (Debon, could I), prefectures remote towns need to pick up their own details, please consult customer service.

2. For factories, prisons, prosecutors, investigators zones, detention centers, security units, courts, police stations, hospitals and other places strict screening can detect small metal contraband.

3. Enterprise Yaan seized the door installation super simple, eight hexagonal screws, two sets of harness, the fastest 15 minutes to get.

CA-601E security door

LCD LCD screen; 200 sensitivity; six zone alarm lamp post, LED display;

One: Features

1Accuracy: sensitivity in the door can be detected by a pin (or 1/2) Paper clip, can be done to detect walk a hundred times a hundred times, will not be omitted, and string messages. You can also exclude belt buckle, shoes, bra detected 150Grams or more of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metals or controlled knives and guns (in special cases) .

2, Six districts bit display : The product is divided into six zones, suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in each area.

3, The number of statistics: You can detect the number and alarm number of walk 100People count 100people ,No more or less about dollars.

4, Shock-proof design: a global exclusive shockproof design, standing in the middle of the door, slapped on both sides of the door, the door should not be false positives.

5Sensitivity adjustment: Sensitivity can be adjusted according to need, a total of 200 Sensitivity.

6Door material: exterior use PVC , And the same materials and appearance of foreign brands, beautiful, generous, fire, moisture.

7, Post lights on both sides: on both sides there are two rows led Lights, visual display alarm location, sound and light alarm simultaneously.

8Panel display: The front panel LCD (LCD ) Display , Have English menu , Built-in variety of places recommended detection sensitivity set value, One-touch button Such as electronics factory use, select electronics factory, all of its parameters is electronics factory parameters, installation and operation easier.

9Can Using the remote control The parameters controlled parameters can be password protected so that unauthorized personnel can not operate.

10, Reserved Communication Interface Can be connected to a computer, camera, three rolls, etc. computer can display the parameters of security doors, security doors and can be adjusted directly through the computer's parameter

11For the use of a variety of electromagnetic interference environment, the system uses the world's most advanced electromagnetic compatibility design and use DSP Processor prohibited items sampled signal correlation and filtering operation, so that the whole device has a strong electromagnetic interference.

12You can set multiple operating frequencies, allowing multiple devices side by side adjacent work without disturbing each other.

13For those who wear pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic media such as sound.

2: Technical Standards:

Electrical reference EN60950Safety standards.

Referring to radiation EN50081-1Standards.

Interference reference EN50082-1Standards.

Strict enforcement of existing national standards through the metal detector.

III: Technical parameters:

External power supply: 200V -240V50 / 60Hz

Power consumption: 35W

working environment: -2045

Transport whole weight: approx. 95kg

Operating Frequency: adjust itself according to the installation environment

Weight: about 90kg

Dimensions: (Mm) 2220 (high ) x 820(width ) x610(deep)

Channel Size: (Mm) 2000 (height) x 700 (width) x 610 (D)