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200 ultra-high sensitivity CA-601E LCD metal detection security door factory prison high-speed rail security equipment

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Enterprise Asia
  • Model: CA-601E security doors

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Brand: Enterprise Asia

Model: CA-601E


The following optional features need to be customized before the next single consultation, the product does not contain the following features the default shipping.

Reserved communication interface can be use computer software Change parameters or roller gate access control linkage (cable length, please inform customer service); Optional video recording (Plus 2,500 yuan); optional 4-hour battery (plus 800).

1. Security door is a large item, the default to take the logistics from the mention (Debang, security can), remote towns need to go to the city to pick up their own, please consult specific customer service.

2. Applicable factories, prisons, procuratorates, handling cases, detention centers, confidential units, courts, police stations, hospitals and other strict security sites, can detect small metal contraband.

3. Enterprise security door to install ultra-simple Asian security, 8 hex screws, 2 sets of plug line, the fastest 15 minutes to get.

CA-601E security doors

LCD display; 200 sensitivity; six-sector post LED lights alarm display;

1: Features

1, Accuracy: sensitivity can be detected in the door to a pin (or 1/2) Back to the type of needle, can be done 100 times to detect a hundred times, not omission and reported that can also be ruled out belt buckle, shoes, bra effects, detected 150G or more of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metal or control knives and guns (in special cases) .

2, Six-location display : The product is divided into six zones, the suspicious objects can be displayed in each area accurately.

3, The number of statistics: you can detect the number and number of people through the police 100Person 100people ,Will not count more or less.

4, Earthquake design: the world's exclusive shock design, standing in the middle of the door, hand on both sides of the door, the door should not be false positives.

5, Sensitivity adjustment: sensitivity can be adjusted according to need, total 200 sensitivity.

6, Door material: Appearance PVC , And foreign brands of materials and appearance exactly the same, beautiful, generous, fire, moisture.

7, On both sides of the post light: two rows on both sides led Lights, you can intuitively display the alarm location, sound and light alarm at the same time.

8, Panel display: front panel Liquid crystalLCD ) , Have Chinese and English menu , Built-in a variety of places recommended detection sensitivity set value, One-touch button , Such as the use of electronics factory, select the electronics factory, all of its parameters is the electronics factory parameters, installation and operation more simple.

9, Can Use the remote control Parameters can be set to password protection, so that unauthorized personnel can not operate.

10, Reserved communication interface , Can be connected with the computer, camera, three rollers, etc. Computer can display the parameters of security doors, and can be directly through the computer to adjust the parameters of security doors

11, For a variety of use of the environment of electromagnetic interference, the entire system uses the world's most advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and use DSP Processor for prohibited items sampling signal related operations and filtering, so that the whole set of equipment has a very strong electromagnetic interference ability.

12, Can be set to multiple sets of operating frequency, making multiple devices side by side adjacent work, do not interfere with each other.

13, On the pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, magnetic media and other harmless.

II: Technical standards:

Electrical reference EN60950Safety standards.

Radiation reference EN50081-1Standards.

Anti-interference reference EN50082-1Standards.

Strict implementation of the current through-type metal detectors national standards.

Three: Technical parameters:

External power supply: 200V -240V50 / 60Hz

Power consumption: 35W

working environment: -2045

Transport gross weight: approx 95Kg

Operating frequency: according to the installation environment to adjust

Weight: approx 90Kg

Dimensions: (Mm) 2220 (high ) x 820(width ) x610(deep)

Channel Size: (Mm) 2000 (H) x 700 (W) x 610 (D)