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Apple 6s phone shell 4.7 iphone6plus mobile phone sets 5.5 all-inclusive transparent gradient hard shell hard six

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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover Texture: Other
  • Style: protective shell
  • 4.7 gradient through the black 'high-end all-inclusive hard shell' 5.5 gradient transparent black 'with a golden machine better' 4.7 gradient gold 'high-end all-inclusive hard shell' 5.5 gradient transparent blue 'toughness with colored phones' 'Female favorite color' 5.5 gradient gold 'with texture color' 4.7 gradient through the blue 'wild color' 5.5 gradient through powder 'on the machine better'
  • Style: Simple
  • For mobile phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iPhone6
  • Brand: Coolook
  • Model: iPhone6

Each one is done Plus hard scratch, imported oil No longer have to worry about mobile phones fell, scratched the ~ this is My family employees own money Oh!