Subin authentic electronic cigarette smoking cessation products suit the new steam emulation is smoking hookah smoke smoke oil for men

Subin authentic electronic cigarette smoking cessation products suit the new steam emulation is smoking hookah smoke smoke oil for men

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Winter 2015
  • Brand: Subin
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Color Classification: Standard Pack (white): cigarette tobacco stems + 1 + 4 + 1 bottles of oil smoke cigarette holder fitted as standard (black): cigarette tobacco stems + 4 + 1 + 1 bottle cigarette smoke oil deal loading (white + black): cigarette tobacco stems + 2 + 4 + 4 bottle cigarette smoke oil cost-effective means: the optional double tobacco stems two different colors of tobacco stems, nice atmosphere, affordable

Electronic cigarettes FAQ

1. You can quit smoking products do, how long you can quit?

Hello, Subin electronic cigarette is a good alternative to tobacco, it can play a supporting smoking cessation, stick with the soon to be successful.

2. This is how to use the electronic cigarette?

Hello, and atomizing electronic cigarette tobacco stems shells into two parts, like pen and ink, need to be repeated to add liquid smoke by cigarette smoke atomized into liquid high temperature to simulate real cigarette puff achieve results.

3. The life of your electronic cigarette how long?

Electronic cigarette tobacco stems and atomized into bombs, tobacco stems are long-term repeated use, but the life of the individual components is not the same, atomized bombs are one direct replacement, titanium metal, effectively extend the use of time, can be repeated to add smoke oil, recycling, battery can be repeatedly charged and discharged about 1000, and the specific time is also pro usage and maintenance of smoking have great relationship

4.1 bottles of smoke oil can be pumped how long?

If you press a 10 normal pumping frequency calculations, the equivalent of a bottle of 10ml liquid smoke smoke 10 packages. If a pack a day, then a bottle of liquid smoke can use about 10 days.

5. The shelf life of liquid smoke is how long?

Liquid smoke shelf life of 12 months stored in a cool place, if the liquid smoke has been opened in 30 days, so as not to affect the taste.

6. How long to replace a spray bomb?

A spray bomb (blue cigarette holder), is a good note oil smoke, so there is taste, 0 can absorb about 200, quite a pack of cigarettes.

7. sections of your electronic cigarette What is the difference?

Hello, we have different series of products is mainly reflected in the appearance of the material technology, battery life and atomization system, you can face in this product tripartite horizontal comparison, but also allows our customer service recommendations based on your situation for your product .

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