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Su Bin genuine electronic cigarette sets new steam smoking cessation products simulation Hookah Smoking Authors big smoke smoke oil

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  • Time to market: Winter 2015
  • Brand: Su Bin
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Body color: standard equipment (white): cigarettes +1 cigarettes +4 cigarettes +1 bottles of oil standard equipment (black): cigarettes +1 cigarettes +4 cigarettes +1 bottles of oil (White + black): cigarettes + 2 cigarettes +4 cigarettes +4 bottles of oil cost-effective equipment: two pairs of cigarettes two optional different colors of tobacco stems, good-looking atmosphere, affordable

Electronic cigarette common problem

1. Can your product quit smoking, how long can you quit?

Hello, Su Bin electronic cigarette is a good alternative to tobacco, you can play a supplementary smoking cessation, adhere to use quickly to success.

2. This electronic cigarette is how to use?

Hello, electronic cigarettes are divided into cigarettes and aerosol bombs 2 parts, just like pens and ink, you need to repeat the addition of smoke liquid, smoke liquid by high temperature atomization of smoke, which simulate the smoke to achieve the effect of smoke.

3. How long does your electronic cigarette last?

Electronic cigarette is divided into smoke rods and atomized bombs, tobacco rods can be long-term repeated use, but the life of various components is not the same, atomizing bombs are one direct replacement, the use of titanium, effectively extending the use of time, can be added Smoke oil, recycling, the battery can be repeated charge and discharge about 1000 times, the specific time and the pro-use and the maintenance of cigarette smoking has a very big relationship

4. How long can a bottle of oil smoke?

If the normal pumping a 10-port frequency calculation, a bottle of 10ml smoke liquid equivalent to 10 packets of cigarettes.If a day a pack, then a bottle of liquid smoke can be used for about 10 days.

5. What is the shelf life of smoke liquid?

Smoke liquid shelf life is 12 months, stored in the shade, if the smoke has been Kaifeng, 30 days to use, so as not to affect the taste.

6. How long does the atomizing bomb change?

1 atomizing bomb (blue cigarette holder), is a good note of smoke oil, so there is taste, and can suck 200 or so, quite a pack of cigarettes.

7. What is the difference between your sections of electronic cigarettes?

Hello, our different series of products are mainly reflected in the appearance of material technology, battery life and atomization system, you can in these three aspects of horizontal comparison of products, but also allows our customer service according to your situation recommended for your product .

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