Pzoz iphone5s phone shell metal frame protective sleeve se arc apple 5 shell crust men and women Korea

Pzoz iphone5s phone shell metal frame protective sleeve se arc apple 5 shell crust men and women Korea

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Metal
  • Style: Border formula
  • Color Classification: metal silica integral one-piece silicone silver gray metal EW98 EW99 snap black DA31 hippocampus [monochrome] gray-green / CX07 DA29 silver metal buckle one-piece silicone rose gold metal silica FB44-one golden snap EW97 Gold DA30 card buckle purple FD06
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5s
  • Brand: Pzoz
  • Model: 5s metal frame

The top five selling products!

1. And iphone5 / 5S body the same production process , Obtained iphone5 / 5S same feel and visual effects.

2. The new snap and hippocampus buckle patent design, ultra-easy to install , Breaking away from the upper and lower screws distress.

3. Fine thin CNC machining technology, Thickness of only 0.7MM The weight and feel are very good, in the case that you do not feel install protective shell, but also protect your iPhone!

4. Slim technology to achieve iphone5 / 5S peripheral design standards Matching iPhone precision hollow, Ensure the smooth flow of good signal.

5. housing Slightly higher iphone5 / 5S flat 0.1mm And bottom heightening design, without affecting the comfort of the user to answer the call of the ear can also be good in the iPhone No contact and friction brought scratches flat on a tabletop.

product code:

▲ [snap] azure DA33; [snap] Tyrant gold DA30; [snap] silver DA29; [snap] black DA31; [snap] pink DA32

▲] [hippocampus monochrome red CY62; [hippocampus] monochrome gray CX07; hippocampus [monochrome] purple CY61; hippocampus [monochrome] black CY58; hippocampus [monochrome] pink CY57; [hippocampus] blue color green CY59 ; hippocampus [monochrome] silver CY60; hippocampus [monochrome] CP63 gold

▲] [color hippocampus buckle silver blue edge CZ43; [Color] hippocampus buckle gold rim CX59; [Color] silver buckle hippocampus Phnom Penh CX60; [Color] hippocampus buckle silver edge pink CZ42; [Color] pink hippocampus buckle Phnom Penh CX61; [Color] hippocampus buckle purple Phnom Penh DK79; [Color] blue hippocampus buckle Phnom Penh CX62; [Color] black buckle hippocampus Phnom Penh CX58