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Y2727 Lanyard Silicone Y627 Case for Y927 Mobile Phone Case

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Product parameters:

  • Protection of the texture: silica gel
  • Style: protective shell
  • Y27 Rabbit Soft Sleeve - Blue + Lanyard y27 Rabbit Soft Sleeve - Yellow + Lanyard y27 Rabbit Soft Sleeve - Green + Lanyard y27 Rabbit Soft Sleeve - Blue Toughened Film + Lanyard y27 Rabbit Soft Sleeve - Yellow To send steel + lanyard
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • For mobile phone models: vivo
  • Brand: Marilo
  • Model: Backgammon y27l

Time limit 包邮 Now buy a high-definition film to send a neck and a lanyard Oh, there is a steel film to send And the neck of a lanyard Oh, 2 different with, Limited number!

Lovely creative section distribution lanyard

Rabbit ears can be hidden when needed to take out when the phone bracket

Is not super convenient color is also very suitable for summer

Material: TPU all-inclusive soft shell

Model backgammon y27 / y27l / y627 / y927

Special promotion without packing box, transparent bag.

Light angle and other reasons color can not be avoided, the rabbit ears together with the shell will be a gap, not close fit Oh!

Send the lanyard is long, you can hang the neck, the length of the chest in the following point (Lanyard is the delivery of a little flaw Oh, what is no way to avoid, Lanyard color is not exactly the same with the shell color. )