Genuine Tien kerosene lighter wheel | Sui steam for small parts of the Z gear | wheel pulley rivets

Genuine Tien kerosene lighter wheel | Sui steam for small parts of the Z gear | wheel pulley rivets

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2015
  • Brand: T. en Tianen
  • Product Name: Gear
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Item: TN-gear

ZIPPO manufacturers do not have separate ZIPPO liner on the wheel parts for sale, when the ZIPPO players use the wheel wear, only to abandon.We specialize in lighter sales and maintenance, to see such a waste of production resources , It is heartache, and some customers do not waste the principle of ecological resources, want to replace the wheel but do not know the size and length of wheel and rivets, or do not know where to buy, so we from the professional maintenance point of view, Convenient ZIPPO players in the lighter wheel wear rivets with a bad case, simple and convenient replacement. ZIPPO players to facilitate the maintenance so that the lighters can rejuvenate!

The size of the outer diameter of the steam turbine and the ZIPPO outer diameter size. At the same time we also send a child rivets, installation time is very convenient. With a hammer percussion, you can install a solid fire. Affordable, suitable for burning machine or playing T machine use if you feel that for the ratio More trouble, can be sent over for liner.

New fire wheel + Zimu rivet set, 9 yuan / 1 set, for all types of Zippo possession of machine liner repair

If you do not install, you can send liner to me, I help you install free of charge, to determine the direction is correct!

OUR does not accept because they will not install, poor hands-on ability, but will bragging to play a small Z, N years of experts, which would like to give bad feedback in the unscrupulous buyers, please detour.

Recommendation: the fire wheel is used to friction Flint, affected by the use of the environment, the impact of the environment, the wheel will appear different degrees of wear and tear until the scrap; a real wear and tear of the fire wheel is unable to save back.Hands- May wish to keep some of the fire wheel, wear after the change, To ensure that the ignition rate of small Z!

Some buyers receive a fire machine or flint steamer sometimes there are questions, I bought a new fire inside the tank why there will be rust it?

First of all to understand the composition of the wheel (flint wheel) - iron alloy, the chemical industry developed to solve the problem of the lighter fuel, but the spark has been quite significant clumsiness. The lighter we use today is actually the wheel of the Austrian Auer (Auer) developed, Orr discovered the cerium element, found that the metal made of ferro-cerium in the ignition is easy to produce large sparks. The metal is named after Orr Began to not round the current file was shaped around, after some exploration, developed into a 'flint installed in the flint tube, in order to ensure sufficient pressure between the fire wheel and the flint, the top of a spring in the following flint,' rub about Fire wheel, you can produce sparks.

Orr solved the spark problem, until today, it is still the lighter lit mainstream, but people do not think of the beginning of the wheel, but had used a half-wheel, but soon realized that this reciprocation The disadvantage of the semi-round type is that the flint wears out too fast because even But also ignited the flint when grinding.Then, the development of science and technology to make people invented the electric spark.Modern burning gasoline and gas fuel vehicles, are also spark plug discharge through the ignition.

Now basically understand, since it is metal thing in contact with the water in the water will certainly long rust, that most of the metal will be long rust, but different colors of rust, zippo is an industrial product, not in accordance with the standards of production of handicrafts , The fire wheel did not do rust treatment , So long rust is not surprising, and not what used, the old. Is a normal phenomenon! ZIPPO not so squeamish, please rest assured that use.