Genuine | Digital clamp meter DT266 clip-on ammeter weihua | Multimeter | Universal table for one year

Genuine | Digital clamp meter DT266 clip-on ammeter weihua | Multimeter | Universal table for one year

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: WHDZ
  • Model: DT266
  • Item no: 110
  • Color category: ships standard with (complete accessories) ships standard with + original table stick standard + standard 9V battery +9V battery + meter probe
  • Renovation and construction of hydropower engineering

Notice: this clamp meter without the diode measurement, due to wrong instructions, printed diode measurement, advanced and Pro-they say oh, avoid misunderstandings

Product description

• Product number: 266
• 3 1/2 digital LCD screen, the maximum display value of 1999
• Data hold function
• Low voltage symbol appears
• Overload protection
• Switching measurement
DC voltage: 1000V "± (0.5%+1dgt)"
AC voltage: 750V "± (1%+4dgt)"
AC current: 200A-1000A "± (2%+5dgt)"
--Resistance: 200 ω -2000M ω "± (2%+2dgt)"
Breaking measurements:
Power supply: type 6F22 9V battery
Maximum display: 1999
Display size: 14x47mm
--Weight: 310g
Product size: 230x66x35mm
Standard accessories: test your pens, leather case, instruction manual, warranty card


Up to 6 centimeters in diameter measuring wires

Note: high impedance test (20 Meg and 2000 Meg, needed another insulation test annex)

Considerations on the clamp meter to measure current

Using clamp shaped table Shang of clamp head, to measurement current of when, was measuring line must to has load, playing a analogy, like you to measuring a Taiwan air conditioning of current, you measurement of when, cannot measuring power socket above of power line, must measuring from power socket to air conditioning Shang of that line, and only measuring which of a root line, is to put wire of plus or minus very separate to, measuring which of a root line, cathode or negative are can, if is three-phase electric, is only measuring which a root, if not put wire separate to, plus or minus very with measuring words, That could not be measured, even reading, it is very small. This is the current principle of magnetic field, and polarity, the magnetic field with respect to the negative offset, so there is no reading.
In addition, the clamp meter, clamp, only for current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and other functions, can only use the meter probe to measure.

, Several issues concerning the instruments used to explain

(1): on the issue of measuring the battery voltage reading. 1.5V battery if full, the actual voltage 1.6 v, 9V battery, full power is 10. v, some buyers do not understand, why is the instrument has problems, is actually the battery characteristics of full power than standard high voltage of 1V, this is normal. If 1.5V batteries, voltage is 1.5V, it would have been running out of electricity. Household voltage. We recognize what a voltage of 220V, it should be 220V, in fact, normal conditions, normal voltage, 230V. Some even at 230 v, this is normal. Rather than measuring accurately.

(2): on some gear, reading does not return to zero problems. Instrument in small range of stalls, such as the MV stalls, conditionally available weeks are aware, 1V=1000MV, 1MV is a very small unit, in this document, susceptible to influence of the space environment, so there will be beat. Because of surrounding there are many electrical, basic alternating current, AC MV stalls in gear, it is not zero. This not a question of instrument, check that the stall is normal, two rods, short, zero in on the line.