Genuine | Weihua digital clamp meter DT266 clamp ammeter | multimeter | universal watch for one year

Genuine | Weihua digital clamp meter DT266 clamp ammeter | multimeter | universal watch for one year

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: WHDZ
  • Model: DT266
  • Item No
  • Color Classification: factory standard (complete accessories) factory standard + original table with standard + 9V battery comes standard with +9 V battery + table
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

Notice: This section clamp meter is not measured with a diode, because the manufacturers to print the wrong printed, printed with diode measurements, and parents in advance that under the Oh, to avoid misunderstanding Kazakhstan

product manual

· Product Type: 266
· 3 1/2 digital LCD screen, the maximum display value of 1999
• Data hold function
• Low voltage symbol display
· Overload protection
• On-off measurement
(Function) ----- (Span) ----- (Accuracy)
DC voltage: 1000 V '± (0.5% + 1 dgt)'
AC voltage: 750 V '± (1% + 4 dgt)'
AC current: 200A-1000A '± (2% + 5dgt)'
- Resistance: 200Ω - 2000MΩ '± (2% + 2dgt)'
On-off measurement: Yes
Value Hold: Yes
Power supply: 6F22 9V battery
Maximum display: 1999
Display size: 14 × 47mm
- Weight: 310g
Product size: 230 × 66 × 35mm
Standard accessories: test table pen, leather, manual, warranty card


Up to 6 cm diameter wire can be measured

Note: high-impedance test (20 megohms and 2000 megohms, need to reprovision insulation test accessories)

Precautions on Current Measurement by Clamp Meter

For example, if you want to measure the current of an air conditioner, you can not measure the power cord at the top of the power socket when you measure it. When you measure the current, you must use the clamp , Must be measured from the power outlet to the air conditioning on the line, and only one of the measured line, that is, to separate the positive and negative wires to test one of the lines, positive or negative can be, if it is Three-phase power, but also only one of them, if you do not separate the wires, the positive and negative together, it is not measured, even if there is a reading, it is very small.This is the use of current magnetic field principle, Positive and negative, then the magnetic field on the negative offset, so there is no reading.
In addition, the clamp meter clamp head, can only be used for the amount of current, other voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and other functions, can only be measured with a table bar.

, On the use of a number of instruments to explain

(1): on the battery voltage reading problem. 1.5V battery, if full of electricity, the actual voltage is 1.6 a few V, 9V battery, full voltage is 10. V, and some buyers do not understand that Is the instrument has a problem, in fact, the characteristics of the battery, the full voltage than the standard 1V high, it is normal if the 1.5V battery, the voltage will come out 1.5V, it is almost no electricity. 220V voltage, it should also be 220V, in fact, the normal situation, the voltage is normal, are about 230V, and some even 230 V, this is normal, not that the instrument is not measured quasi.

1V = 1000MV, so the 1MV is a very small unit, in this stall (2): on some stalls, readings are not zero problem.File range of small stalls, such as MV stalls, known to the public, , Vulnerable to the impact of space environment voltage, so the number will be beating.Because there are a lot of electrical appliances around, basically AC, so the exchange file MV stall, it is not zero.This is not the instrument, check the stalls Is normal, the two table bar, shorted, zero on the line.