New | Samsung Note3 phone shell note3 ultra-thin metal shell protective sleeve border note3 Mobile | housing

New | Samsung Note3 phone shell note3 ultra-thin metal shell protective sleeve border note3 Mobile | housing

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Metal
  • Style: Case
  • Color Classification: The new arc metal frame to send high-definition film, "" Tyrant gold arcs [] princesses send high-definition film to send high-definition film arc powder [Star] [black arc send high-definition film] [silver] new arc send high-definition film arc metal sticks after the board "" "sticks rear plate - white cloud - send high-definition film sticks rear plate - orange - after send high-definition film sticks board - business black - send high-definition film mirror version send high-definition film," "elegant black [mirror Edition send high-definition film] Tyrant gold [mirror Edition send high-definition film] rose gold [mirror Edition send high-definition film] silver snowflakes [mirror Edition send high-definition film] mirror Edition feeding steel film "" "elegant black [mirror Edition send steel [mirror] Tyrant gold film version send steel rose gold film] [mirror] film version send steel silver snowflakes mirror Edition [send] steel membrane
  • Style: Luxury
  • Applicable phone models: Samsung / Samsung
  • Samsung Model: Samsung Note3 / N9006 / N9002 / N9009 / N900
  • Brand: Brunswick
  • Model: Samsung note3

This metal frame of the rear plate Suitable note3 / n9000 / n9008 / 9006/9005/9008Other models, more general models

19.9 yuan send high-definition screen protection film 28 yuan to send explosion-proof glass film,
Get a toughened glass membrane using imported materials, 0.2mm ultra-thin thickness, 9H super tough, 2.5D arc edge technology to build. Sold more than $ 20 on the same product quality tempered glass film scratch, explosion-proof screen and markets.

New impulse sales, original price $ 68 special offer free shipping during the event impulse sales. The last day of activities on a transient raised to 28 yuan namely,

good news: Where photographed payment effective immediately within the same day Jisong luxury spree, containing a high-definition screen protective film, plus capacitive pen, diamond plugs, movie frame, cork dust, etc., than 500 sets, while stocks last .

The new rear plate sticks

The following arc version Photo Gallery