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New | Samsung Note3 phone case note3 | thin | metal case note3 phone border protection cover | shell

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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: metal
  • Style: protective shell
  • Color: New round metal frame to send high-definition film "" Tu Hao Gold 'arc to send high-definition film' Princess pink 'arc to send high-definition film' Star Black 'arc to send high-definition film' silver white ' High-definition film stripped back plate - Orange - send high-definition film striae after the board - Business Black - to send high-definition film mirror version to send high-definition film "" elegant 'Black' mirror version to send high-definition film 'Tu Hao' mirror version to send high-definition film 'Rose Gold' mirror version to send high-definition film 'snow silver' mirror version to send high-definition film 'mirror to send steel film' '' elegant black ' Film 'Tu Hao' mirror version to send steel film 'Rose Gold' Mirror Edition to send steel film 'snow silver' mirror to send steel film '
  • Style: Luxury
  • Applicable mobile phone models: Samsung / Samsung
  • Samsung models: Samsung Note3 / N9006 / N9002 / N9009 / N900
  • Brand: Brown
  • Model: Samsung note3

This section of metal frame back plate Suitable note3 / n9000 / n9008 / 9006/9005/9008And other models, the above model GM

19.9 yuan to send high-definition screen protective film, 28 yuan to send explosion-proof tempered glass film,
The tempered glass film is made of imported tempered glass material, 0.2mm ultra-thin thickness, 9H super hard, 2.5D arc edge process to create. Scratch-resistant, explosion-proof screen and the market for more than 20 yuan for the same quality of the glass film.

The new red sales, the original price of 68 yuan, during the event of special 包邮 sales. Last day, the event was raised to 28 yuan,

good news: Including a high-definition screen protective film 1, plus capacitive pen, plug stones, film stent, soft dust stopper, limited to 500 sets, while stock lasts .

The new striae after the plate

The following is a circular version of the picture shows