TDS water quality testing pen electrolyzer household water hardness mineral water purity test pen instrument

TDS water quality testing pen electrolyzer household water hardness mineral water purity test pen instrument

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: LPMNSD
  • Model: TDS water quality testing pen
  • Product Number: TDS
  • Color Category: water quality testing pen - water quality detection pen Classic - upgrade section
  • Renovation and construction content: TDS

[Application] common sense

1, pure water, mineral water after long home, TDS values ​​rise too high when compared with the beginning of a total virus and will be a corresponding increase in the total number of colonies, this time should not drink, affecting their health;

2, pure alcohol TDS value is 0, greater than 0 indicates impure;

. 3, TDS ie, total dissolved solids, such as showing the value of 100, ie 100 mg per liter containing impurities;

4, 3rd floor, more than one user, the water supply from the water storage tank top, could easily lead to secondary pollution, should always detect a change in the value of TDS can be urged property management departments regularly cleaned.

5, washing machines should put the number of detergent, can be detected by TDS pen experience digitized. After cleaning procedure, before draining detected indication of tap water can be seen as clean, if the indicated value of more than tap water, detergent should be reduced the inputs;

6, fruits, vegetables, if soaked in water, measuring its value if TDS is high, can be suspected chemical contamination, should pay attention to.

7, to the swimming pool water cleanliness can be measured during the change, showing the value is too high should be taken seriously;

8, showing the value of water from deep wells up to 300 if the above described impurity content is too high;

9, each of the regions, cities, due to the different pipes and water, TDS values ​​are different;

10 NORTH hard water containing calcium and magnesium ions, TDS value is high, it will furring; hard water is generally 150 to 400 (fouling) super-hard water (if salt water) is greater than 400 (severe scaling).

11, according to the provisions of fertilizers for the first time after preparation, measuring its value, with the number to be formulated to facilitate future;

12, goldfish bowl with water, its value can be measured, knowing if cleanliness is numerically large long choke should change the water.;

13, mariculture water, its value can be measured, and the preparation for future testing.

Note: This product is also applicable to engage in soilless culture, nutrient solution required conductivity meter measuring the ion content of the product can be used to measure the concentration of nutrient solution measured value can be subtracted from the second method is to test once tap water TDS... value, then add the nutrient solution, measure its value, the second value is subtracted by the evaluator

[TDS factors affect the value of the test]

Water temperature: TDS pen can not be used to measure the temperature of water (for example: hot water)

Water flow rate: TDS pen can not be used to measure a large body of water sloshing