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TDS water testing pen electrolysis household water purifier tap water hardness mineral purity test pen instrument

TDS water testing pen electrolysis household water purifier tap water hardness mineral purity test pen instrument
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: LPMNSD
  • Model: TDS water testing pen
  • Item No .: TDS
  • Color classification: water testing pen - classic water testing pen - upgrade section
  • Decoration and construction content: TDS

'Application of common sense'

1, pure water, mineral water for a long time home, TDS value than the beginning of the rise is too high, the total number of viruses and colonies will be a corresponding increase, this time not drinking, affecting health;

2, pure alcohol TDS value of 0, greater than 0 said impure;

3, TDS is the total dissolved solids, such as the indication value of 100, which contains 100 mg per liter of impurities;

4, 3 floors above the user, from the top water tank, easy to cause secondary pollution, should always detect the change in TDS value, can urge the property management department regularly cleaned.

5, the washing machine should be the number of detergent, TDS pen test can be digitized with the experience.Clean the program, the pre-drainage test shows the same value and tap water can be regarded as clean, if the indication of more than tap water, you should reduce the detergent Of the input;

6, fruits, vegetables, such as water immersion, measured if the high TDS value can be suspected of chemical pollution, should pay attention.

7, to the swimming pool swimming pool can be measured during the cleanliness of the changes in the show should pay attention to high;

8, deep well water if the indication as high as 300 or more, indicating that the impurity content is too high;

9, each region, the city due to the different pipes and water, TDS value is different;

10, hard water in the north contains calcium and magnesium ions, TDS value is high, will scale; general hard water 150 ~ 400 (scaling).

11, spent the first time in accordance with the provisions of fertilizer preparation, the measured value, with the figure can be easily prepared in the future;

12, gold fish tank water can be measured its value, to know its cleanliness.If the value of a long choke, should be promptly changing the water;

13, marine aquaculture water, can be measured value for the future preparation and testing.

Note: This product is also applicable to engage in soilless cultivation, the need for conductivity measurement of nutrient solution ion content. This product can be used for nutrient solution concentration measurement of secondary numerical subtraction method is to measure a tap water TDS Value, then add the nutrient solution, measured its value, the value of the secondary subtraction is the value

'Factors influencing TDS testing'

Water temperature: TDS pen can not be used to measure high-temperature water (for example: hot water)

Water flow rate: TDS can not be used to measure large swaying water bodies