Buy one get three 'Taiwan wins | Infrared electronic thermometer home child infant frontal thermometer ovulation thermometer

Buy one get three 'Taiwan wins | Infrared electronic thermometer home child infant frontal thermometer ovulation thermometer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Dongguan
  • Thermometer Type: Infrared thermometer
  • Product Name: Infrared Thermometer
  • Brand: Taiwan wins
  • Model: HTD8808C
  • Implementation of the standard number: YZB / Guangdong 2075-2013
  • Measurement site: ear temperature and temperature
  • Diseases: upper respiratory tract infection influenza virus colds cold cold Fengreganmao
  • Symptoms: chills, fever, dizziness, headache, aversion to cold runny nasal congestion
  • Applicable people: not limited
  • Optional hot: ovulation pregnancy test equipment for pregnant women / children for non - contact
  • +3 Hao Li Package 2: thermometer + children cold navel paste 3 +3 Hao ceremony Package 3: thermometer + Longma Benefit Ning +3 Hao ceremony Package IV: + sunflower cough fever +3 sunflower
  • Approval Number: Guangdong Food and Drug Administration of Health, No. 20132365
  • Production enterprises: Shenzhen Hong Rui source Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Whether to import: No

Real materials, the United States original chip, the German sensor probe, the total sales of 7,000!

'3 re-ho ceremony'Purchase any package that is give away : Glass thermometer 1 + 2 + health masks Tomson times health vitamin C 1 bottle (30)

'Standard equipment'Taiwan wins infrared thermometer 1 Taiwan +3 Hao ceremony

'Package A'Infrared Thermometer +3 Hao ceremony

'Package II'Infrared Thermometer3 Hao ceremony

'Package III'Taiwan wins infrared Thermometer +3 Hao ceremony

'Package IV'Taiwan wins infrared Thermometer3 Hao ceremony

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On the electronic thermometer accuracy Note: Some pro-like to take electronic thermometer with mercury thermometer contrast, and then draw the conclusion that electronic thermometer are not allowed.

The error is there, but will control the error within a reasonable range, if the error is too large, the pro to look at the instructions, whether the measurement method is wrong?

Mercury thermometer because mercury is highly toxic, the use of inconvenience has been gradually eliminated, and now the hospital is also an electronic thermometer.

OUR special attached to a glass thermometer, not afraid of pro contrast, more pro-peace of mind!