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Oppor7plus tempered membrane full-screen coverage r9s explosion-proof membrane r7splus Blu-ray r9plus r9 before and after the film

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: X-it
  • Model: r7plus full-screen steel film
  • Material: tempered glass
  • Film Features: Automatic repair anti-fingerprint HD
  • Film type: the former membrane
  • High-definition version of 'r7p-hard-edge champagne gold' HD version 'r7p-hard-edge youth powder' HD version 'r7p- hard-edge light white' HD version '+ send back film + artifact r7p- R7p-hard-edged white gold 'eye protection against Blu-ray r7p-hard-side Tuhao gold' eye protection against blue 'r7p-hard-edge pink gold' eye protection against blue 'r7p-soft edge does not shatter-bright white 'Full-automatic adsorption' ☆ high-definition + bracket r7p-soft edge is not broken edge - bright white 'automatic adsorption' ☆ anti-blue light + bracket r9s light white - 'straight edge full-screen soft side adsorption tempered film' - HD + back film, R9s bright white - 'straight edge full-screen soft side adsorption tempered film' - Purple + back film, bracket r9 bright white - '3D soft full-screen side tempered film' - HD + ring shell shell back film r9p light white-'3D surface Full-screen soft side of the steel film '- HD + ring. Shell. Back film
  • Applicable brands: OPPO

Pro, this full-screen steel membrane is now fully upgraded the third generation, the use of imported 3D touch technology in Japan to enhance the screen sensitivity! Full-screen coverage does not Alice!

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