Ryder Ryder Outdoor camping | MUNKEES alloy American soldier compass | Compass

Ryder Ryder Outdoor camping | MUNKEES alloy American soldier compass | Compass

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: RYDER
  • Item No: L3031
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 60
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Bike cross-country hiking camping upstream rafting tour
  • Time to market: Spring 2013
  • Purpose: to point navigation
  • Carrying options: Handheld
  • Display: Analog

[Brand]Ryder (Ryder)

[Name] MUNKEES alloy compass American man

[Material] alloy shell, damping dial, ABS disk

[Specification] 7.5 * 5.7 * 2.8CM (folded)

[Applications] refers to the North, orientation, location, distance, measured slope (pitch angle), azimuth measurement, mapping scale, magnifying glass, etc.

A similar package diagram for reference:

1, aluminum alloy shell: the average thickness of 2 mm, durable; foldable, compact and easy to carry;
2, damping dial: pointer favor stability, more suitable for sports, rugged environment (point to slowly turn, not insensitive);
3, Dial: scale accurate, clear, 360-degree azimuth inner partition, the outer ring is 64-00 mils system partition, dial has a magnifying glass, you can see more clearly the scale;
4, 1: 25,000 m coordinate wedges: convenient measurement of distance between two points on the map, but also a powerful tool for the geometric method of FIG jobs;
5, arrows indicate the N pole (north): the vast majority of the compass tagging methods;
6, bails: lanyard can be tied, in the case of frequent use of his hands and was occupied, can be hung around the neck or readily available to get a place.

Construction and performance:
1. The position measuring mechanism:
By the compass and so on, according to the door and the front sight is composed of an outer ring bearing partition 360 ° division system, the minimum grid value 2 °;. The inner ring is 60-00 mils partition system, the minimum value of 0-20 mil dense grid. position and the degree of conversion table.
Accuracy: ± 0-10 mils ± 1 °
2. Distance assessed device:
According to the like by the door and the front sight sight angle between the tip and the composition according to the door edges to the center of 1-00 mils, between the two tip length of 12.34 mm, according to the door and the front sight between the length of 123.4 mm, that is composed of 10: 1 ratio distance assessed device.
Measurement accuracy of 5%
3. The pitch angle measuring mechanism:
Card table by a pitch, pitch swing, head mirror, whose range is ± 90 °.
Accuracy ± 2.5 °
4. foot ladder coordinates:
By the side of one foot in length perpendicular to each other and both sides of the foot consisting of short, one-foot length of 120 mm.
Accuracy: ± 0.5 Haomi

Using the Operation:
1. Measured Azimuth:
Expand compass, turn the box so that the orientation and direction indicators tick marks on the glass orientation relatively positive, the head-mirror diagonal (45 °) by monocular sight pointed at the target, see the needle N pole head-on against the word from the mirror table cards bearing partition, either read the target azimuth, then with his right hand to rotate the orientation of the frame so that the orientation of the tick marks on the glass and align the needle N pole, the direction indicators and azimuth angle at this glass scale line is sandwiched between the target azimuth (measured clockwise).
Open compass calibration good map (ranging from time calibration map), in the figure inserted a reference point acupuncture treatment, turn the compass, ruler of the side cutting edge at the target point, you can interpret the reference point to the target point azimuth.
2. Calibration map:
Expand compass, turn the azimuth box, so that word and tick box on the azimuth direction indicators align (note magnetic declination correction), the compass flat on the map, the map of the Arctic towards the end of sight, so that the coordinates ladder feet long and map magnetic meridian tangent, rotate the map so that the needle N pole position aligned with the tick marks on the glass, then maps already calibrated.
3. seek to mask the target traveling direction of the march:
Expand the compass on the map so that the mapping scale through FIG foothold and I march goal, this time referring to the direction indicators should be the direction of travel. Rotational orientation of the frame so that (S, N) position and direction on the glass map the (S, N) in the same direction, and then note the direction indicators referred azimuth readings, facing the direction of rotation of the body index picked up the compass so that the needle N pole position and scale line alignment on the glass, this time through the front sight according to the door forward alignment after each object in the alignment of this line (such as trees, houses, etc.) can be used as an auxiliary objective march direction, to recognize secondary objective of the proceeds would be charged compass Close bag, but do not block the rotation position to reach the secondary goal to find a new secondary goal to move forward, until reaching the destination, along the direction should always check the readings.
4. known target interval estimate from the target to the standing point between:
① targeting according to the door and the front sight by about two tips, based on a multiple intervals of about two percentage sight target tip width ratio of 10: 1 formula to estimate the distance to the target.
Distance between the target and the standing point (m) = target interval width (m) x10 / target interval representing a multiple of the width of the tip of the front sight two
Example: in front of a position parallel to the road with us, find the distance and position of road.
There are poles along the road, between the pole distance of 50 meters, the distance is measured assessed around two poles there are five tips that every two intervals accounted for about 1/4 between two cutting-edge distance according to the proportion of the Formula too:
The distance between the road and the position = 50x10x4 = 2000 Mi
② auxiliary Determining the target distance
According to the door with a sight at the target, turn the azimuth box lets tick positive needle N pole, note the azimuthal direction indicator readings indicated then to the left or right-angled direction (ie, the original reading position difference 15-00) Looking for an auxiliary point by pacing or other methods, measure the distance from the auxiliary point-to-point standing in the auxiliary point and then the compass according to the door by aligning the front sight of the original goal, the same rotational orientation of the frame so that the needle aligned with tick marks N pole, write down the reading direction indicators referred angular difference between the stand point readings from the auxiliary point to the front and rear according to the direction of the two, check available Schedule II target distance.
If the difference between the above two direction angle readings 7-50 (ie, 45 °), the target distance is equal to the distance from the auxiliary stand point to point.
5. measuring pitch angle:
We will rely on face down, with the front sight targeting according to the door, through the head-mirror pitch angle reading; or to stand on a flat surface by measuring the angle of inclination of the plane.
6. Measure height:
Using maps and altimeter to measure the height from the stand point on the map Richard horizontal distance to the target, and then measured the pitch degree compass, altimeter isolated by height, can also be calculated trigonometric example: to seek base of the mountain Peak height.
Isolated hilltop with a standing point on the map from a horizontal distance of 100 meters, measured with a compass summit elevation is 40 °, 40 ° and then check altimeter control at 100 meters, may have a height of 83.91 meters.
7. measured on the map mileage between any two points:
Different scale maps, which ri network side and the field is calculated from the relationship
1: 25,000 map: Distance = (amount was a few millimeters / 4) X100 (meters)
1: 50,000 map: Distance = (amount was several millimeters / 2) X100 (meters)
1: 100,000 map: Distance = amount obtained in millimeters X 100 (m)
8. The magnetic declination measurements:
Earth's north and south magnetic poles ① orientation is not just north-south direction of Earth, so the needle within the meaning of the north-south direction, with the true north-south direction with a deviation angle, this deviation angle is called magnetic declination, which varies around the value in not require precise when measured, the needle may be referred to as real direction north, where precise measurements, it will check the location of magnetic declination book, according to the direction indicated by the compass, calculate the true north-south direction. as used in Changsha when the compass, check Schedule IV Changsha magnetic declination is 2 ° 41 '(W), that is to say in Changsha, the needle is referring to the north west of true north partial 2 ° 41' of the place.
② anywhere declination Seeking.
In the night skies, expand the compass, turn the azimuth box, the upper bearing glass (N) the word is on the direction indicators used according to the door, front sight, head mirror and luminous signs are on Polaris, the same compass direction, shall mean Northern flat needle, the needle at this time is the location of the North Pole within the meaning of reading magnetic declination.

1. At the level of state to try to ensure that accurate;
2. In order to avoid the occurrence of needle disorder, please use to maintain a certain distance from the barbed wire, as well as objects containing magnetic;
3. Do not use the beat ruler mapping object, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy;
4. The disk and the lens to keep clean, do not use a dirty cloth, hand to wipe;
5. closed when not in use, place not near the ferromagnetic material, in order to avoid loss of the magnetic

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