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Ryder outdoor camping | MUNKEES alloy material American single man compass | compass

Ryder outdoor camping | MUNKEES alloy material American single man compass | compass
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: RYDER
  • Item No .: L3031
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 60
  • Sports outdoor projects: bicycle cross-country camping camp upstream rafting tourism
  • Time to market: Spring 2013
  • Purpose: Point to navigation
  • Portable: handheld
  • Display: pointer type

'Brand'Ryder (Ryder)

'Product Name' MUNKEES alloy material American man compass

'Material' aluminum alloy shell, damping dial, ABS disk

'Specifications' 7.5 * 5.7 * 2.8CM (folding)

'Use' refers to the north, orientation, location, ranging, measuring slope (pitch angle), measuring azimuth, mapping ruler, magnifying glass, etc.

Similar to the packaging diagram, for reference only:

1, aluminum alloy shell: the average thickness of 2 mm, durable; folding, small size, easy to carry;
2, the damping dial: conducive to the stability of the pointer, more suitable for sports, rugged environment (point to slowly turn, not insensitive);
3, the dial: the scale is accurate and clear, the inner ring for the 360-degree azimuth division, the outer ring 64-00 dense-system division, the dial with a magnifying glass, the scale can be more clearly seen;
4, 1: 25000 meters Coordinate ruler: to facilitate measurement of the distance between the two points on the map, geometric method is also an effective tool on the map;
5, the arrow that the N pole (the North Pole): the vast majority of the compass method of labeling;
6, to mention the ring: can be tied lanyard, in the need for frequent use of both hands and was occupied, can be hung on the neck or readily available to the place.

Construction and performance:
1. Orientation measuring mechanism:
By the compass, according to the door and sight and other components. Outside the azimuth division of 360 ° zoning system, the minimum grid value of 2 °; inner ring for the 60-00 dense division system, the minimum grid value 0-20 density The conversion of bits and degrees is shown in the table.
Measurement accuracy: ± 0-10 density ± 1 °
2. Distance Estimator:
By the door and the sight of the composition of the front sight of the two tips and the edge of the center line as the angle of 1-00 dense, the length between the two tips 12.34 mm, according to the door between the length of 123.4 mm, that is, the composition of 10: 1 ratio Range estimator.
Measurement accuracy of 5%
3. Pitch measuring mechanism:
By the pitching table, pitch, level-up mirror and other components, the range is ± 90 °.
Measurement accuracy ± 2.5 °
4. Coordinate Ladder:
By the length of each side of the vertical side and short sides of the composition, length 120 mm.
Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5 mm

1. Measuring Azimuth:
Turn the compass, turn the azimuth box so that the direction of the glass on the scale line and the direction of the index is relatively positive, the diagonal oblique (45 °) monocular aiming through the sight of the target, from the mirror to see N-pole reverse And then use the right hand to rotate the azimuth frame so that the scale line on the azimuth glass is aligned with the magnetic needle N pole. At this time, the angle between the direction indicator and the azimuth glass graduation line is Target azimuth (calculated in clockwise direction).
Open the compass, calibrate the map (ranging from the calibration map), in the map at the base point of a plug a needle, turn the compass, so that the side edge cut at the target point, you can read the reference point to the target point Of the azimuth.
2. Calibrate the map:
Expand the compass, turn the azimuth box, so that the alignment of the line on the scale line with the direction of alignment indicators (note the magnetic declination correction), the map pin on the map, the sight of the north end of the map, Ladder length and map magnetic meridian tangent, turn the map so that the magnetic needle N pole alignment azimuth glass on the scale line, at this time that the map has been calibrated.
3 seeking to march toward the goal of march direction:
The direction of the direction of the index refers to the direction of travel. Rotate the azimuth direction of the azimuth glass on the direction of (S, N) and the map on the map and the map on the map, (S, N) direction, and then write down the azimuth readings of the direction of indicators, in the face of the direction of the index picked up the body to rotate the North, the magnetic needle N and the alignment of the alignment glass line, this time through the sight (Such as woods, houses, etc.) can be used as a secondary goal of the march direction, after the auxiliary target can be identified on the move forward.Close the North Compass Bag, but do not rotate the azimuth box, to reach the secondary target can then find a new auxiliary target to move forward until the destination date, along the way should always check the direction of reading.
4. Determine the distance between the target and the standing point by knowing the interval of the target:
(1) By aiming the target at both the right and left sides of the sight and the sight, the distance of the target is estimated by the ratio of 10: 1 according to the ratio of the width of the target.
Distance between the target and the standing point (m) = Target spacing width (m) x10 / Target spacing A multiple of the width of the two tips of the sight
Example: There is a highway in front of us and parallel to the position, the distance between the road and position.
There are poles along the road, the distance between the pole 50 meters, with the distance estimator measured around the tip of a pole 5, that is, the distance between the two bars accounted for about two times the distance between the tip of the tip.According to the proportion formula Y
The distance between the road and the position = 50x10x4 = 2000 meters
② use the auxiliary point to find the target distance
Use the gates to aim at the target, rotate the azimuth frame to align the graduation line with the positive pole, write down the azimuth reading indicated by the direction indicator, and then turn left or right at right angles (ie, 15-00 from the original azimuth reading) Find a secondary point, with the step method or other methods to measure the distance from the auxiliary point to the standing point in the auxiliary point and then use the compass through the original goal of aiming at the door alignment, the same direction of rotation of the alignment line to align the needle line N pole, note down the direction of the indicators indicated by the reading. According to the difference between before and after the direction of the angle difference between the two points and the distance from the standing point, check Table 2 can get the target distance.
If the difference between the two direction angle readings is 7-50 (ie 45 °), then the target distance equals the distance from the station to the auxiliary point.
5. Measuring pitch angle:
Will be facing down, with the goal of aiming at the target, through the head-up mirror read out the pitch angle of the reading; or will stand on a plane, measuring the tilt angle of the plane.
6. Measurement height:
Use the map and altimeter to measure the height from the map to check the standing point to the target horizontal distance, and then measured the pitch of the compass, through the altimeter to find the height can also be calculated using trigonometric functions. The height of the summit.
From the map to detect the top of the mountain and the standing point of the horizontal distance of 100 meters, measured with a north foot elevation angle of 40 °, and then check the altimeter at 100 meters at 40 °, the available height of 83.91 meters.
7. Measure the distance between any two points on the map:
The formula of calculating the length of side and the distance of field in map with different scale
1: 25000 map: distance = (the number of mm / 4) X100 (m)
1: 50000 map: distance = (measure the number of mm / 2) X100 (m)
1: 100000 Map: Distance = measure the number of millimeters X 100 (m)
8. Magnetic declination measurement:
① north and south magnetic poles of the Earth's orientation is not just in the north-south direction of the Earth, so the magnetic needle guide north, and the true north-south direction has a deviation angle, the deviation angle is called magnetic declination, the values ​​around the different. Measurement, the magnetic needle can be regarded as the real direction of the North, in the need for accurate measurement, the first check where the magnetic declination of the book, and then according to the direction of the Northrop, infer the true north-south direction, such as the use of Changsha The magnetic declination of Changsha is 2 ° 41 '(W), which means that the north side of the magnetic needle in Changsha is just 2 ° 41' to the west of the north.
② magnetic angle method anywhere.
In the clear night, expand the compass, rotate the azimuth box, so that the azimuth glass (N) is the direction of the word indicators. With the door, sight, goggles and luminous signs on the North Star, the same direction, North pin flat, then the magnetic needle is the location of the Arctic reading is the magnetic declination.

1. In the horizontal state to use, in order to ensure as accurate as possible;
2. In order to avoid disorder of magnetic needle, please use with barbed wire, and magnetic objects to maintain a certain distance;
3. Do not use the mapping ruler beat objects, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy;
4 disk and lens to keep bright and clean, do not use dirty cloth, hand to wipe;
5. When not in use should be closed, placed not near the ferromagnetic material, so as not to loss of magnetic

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