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Children's music cartoon student alarm clock | lazy silence alarm clock | creative simple bedside clock bell alarm clock

Product code: -38461700030
Unit price 2.55-3.65$
Sold quantity 6200
Available stock 248
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Love Love Workshop
  • Whether double-sided: single-sided
  • Color Classification: yellow bee (black stripe) 8804 pink cat with feet frog 8821 white (small) small apple alarm small apple music blue duck gray big devil lazy wake up 8803 white rabbit pink blossoming rabbit lazy wake up alarm blue Color sheep dad where alarm bells light brown bear lazy pig wake up alarm claw cat 8805 pink monkey small apple music 8804 blue cat 8820 white with a cat white face butterfly jump seconds happy cat white face red bow jumping happy cat jump seconds no night Light green panda squirrel small apple music apple squirrel small apple music squirrel small apple music music
  • material: plastic
  • Product number: LA-88110
  • Style: cartoon

Parents pay attention to this link there are three:

1, the picture is written with a night light, a small apple alarm, is a night light alarm music is 'little apple'

2, the other paragraph is without night light, music is the 'father go'

3, only a blue jump seconds pig, the pointer is ticking, the alarm is a drop of!