BHCnav measured acres Wang Choi way N600 outdoor GPS handheld GIS professional data collector barometer

BHCnav measured acres Wang Choi way N600 outdoor GPS handheld GIS professional data collector barometer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: BHCnav / measured mu king
  • Item No .: N600
  • Positioning accuracy: 3M
  • Positioning time: hot start 2 seconds cold start 35 seconds
  • Update speed: 1HZ
  • Screen size: other
  • Whether to support the backlight display: Yes
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Shell material: industrial grade plastic
  • Size: 120mm * 57mm * 30mm
  • Weight: 105G
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Map type: National map
  • Whether to support loading map: Yes
  • Memory capacity: 128MB
  • made in China
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • GPS function: visual navigation
  • Whether the shock: Yes
  • Language Classification: Chinese
  • Price range (GPS): 2500-3000 yuan
  • Portable: handheld
  • Usage: push-button
  • Continuous working time: 15-20 hours

Color way N600

The data collection process is convenient and concise, and the user can obtain the data such as coordinates, circumference, area and so on directly;
(Shp, mif, dxf, csv ... ..), directly with the user has GIS platform interface; compatible with Google Earth user data, so that the application more widely;
Anti-vibration design, durable, but also has a good feel, long hours of operation is not fatigue; the same time,
4 power supply, so that users have more choices;
Three-axis electronic compass, barometric altimeter, thermometer and other sensor configuration, designed for the Beijing Hua test, a comprehensive upgrade the quality of the user field work;
Standard national details, so that users of the field work more convenient


Higher precision, more reliable
Industrial high-definition color screen, bright light is clearly visible
4 power supply mode, with charging self-protection function
Micro SD card slot, expandable data storage space
Built-in three-axis electronic compass, barometric altimeter, G-Sensor, thermometer offset measurement
Support the mainstream data format, compatible with Google Earth user data
Standard national standard, users can customize the vector map, contour map