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Sirius astronomical telescope D-80TZ star Moon View professional students entry deep sky high-definition high-definition night vision

Sirius astronomical telescope D-80TZ star Moon View professional students entry deep sky high-definition high-definition night vision
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Product parameters:

  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Time to market: 2013 winter
  • Brand: Sirius
  • made in China
  • The price range: 500-1000 yuan
  • Astronomical telescope optical system: refraction
  • Primary mirror diameter: 50-100mm
  • Maximum magnification: 300 times
  • Coke ratio: 600
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Astronomical telescope bracket type: the latitude and longitude ceremony
  • Primary mirror length: 500mm
  • '80500' + camera photography Package 1: '80500' + Photo Package Package 1: '80500' + Photo Package Package 1: '80500' '80600' + Mobile Photo Package Package 2: '80600' + Photo Package Package 1: '80500' + Access PC View Package 1: '80500' + High Power Package 2: '80600' + 80RPM + camera digital camera photography Package 2: '80600' + access computer observation version Package 2: '80600' + high-power version of the package
  • Item: D-80TZ

Package 1: 80500 (diameter 80mm, focal length 500mm, the degree of blue film objectives)

Package 2: 80600 (diameter 80mm, focal length 600mm, the objective of the degree of broadband green film)

Sirius 80TZ + real shot map:

1. on the telescope multiples: the telescope is not the bigger the better, the magnification can not exceed the telescope Effective multiple, exceeded Effective multiple The telescope is applicable to multiples of caliber should be 3 times the caliber of 80 caliber is 3x80 = 240 times, (effective multiple) try not to more than 300 times.

(Other brands 80EQ known as multiples of 675 times. In fact, 80mm caliber simply can not reach 675 times that other brands 80EQ 675 times can not see things (not focal length), because he has exceeded the effective multiple. (Star Tel 8SE price 10500, it is only 480 times the effective multiple, price and multiple are placed here, known as 600 times, 1000 times, 2000 times are unable to focus, do not see things,

Advantages Advantages:

Sirius set sail wind on the 2nd D-80TZ + D-80TZ + + advantage of the advantages: Cost-effective configuration of 80mm caliber prices low

1.PL eyepieces, Image clarity (other brands are low-end cheap K eyepiece imaging poor)

2. 80600Broadband green film objective (Multilayer broadband AR coating will be Multilayer broadband green film Extended to thousands of the following price ...)

3.Distribution of solar filters (Other brands do not match the sun filter with individual businesses with a few dollars cost eyepiece-side sunglasses susceptible to thermal explosion Sirius belong to the objective lens-side security will not hurt the eyes)

4. The adoption of new Screw self-locking interface, a large bright spot (other brands of astronomical telescope 80mm diameter or the use of traditional top wire interface)

The left picture shows: Sirius screw self-locking interface right: Bosma and Star Trump traditional top wire interface

3. Sirius set sail wind 80TZ + series

Low price and high configuration affordable brand of quality

First, the main features

Surface coated with high-quality Pro Eyepiece, excellent imaging field of vision

High-integrated box combined with fast design, easy assembly and easy to carry

The short focal length is exactly like the prism system, celestial ground is fully compatible

Second, the main purpose

As a telescope directly star, bird watching, viewing, remote monitoring

As a telephoto lens camera or camera to connect the camera, photographers, photography, remote evidence

by Electronic eyepiece (optional) Connected to the computer Star Watch, Bird Watching Birds, Scenic view, remote monitoring evidence synchronization

D-80TZ ++ (80600) is the use of the surface of the multi-layer broadband green film, multi-layer green film will be extended to a thousand the following price ... ...

Three .80500 (80TZ +) and 80600 (80TZ + +) the difference:

The following multiple need to add pl6 eyepiece, to be purchased separately

80TZ + (80500): Focal length 500 (Multiple), the length of the primary mirror 480 mm , Objective lens blue film , Magnification: 20 times 50 times 83.3 times (plus PL6mm) 60 times and 150 times 250 times (Plus PL6mm)

80TZ ++ (80600) : Focal length 600 (Large focal length is also larger), the length of the primary mirror 580 mm , Objective lens green film (Green film is better), Magnification: 24 times 60 times 100 times (plus PL6mm) 72 times 180 times 300 times (Plus PL6MM)

D-80TZ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Sirius 80TZ + installation process:

Features Accessories installation: