Sirius telescope D-80TZ stargazing moon viewing professional entry-definition night vision high-power deep space student

Sirius telescope D-80TZ stargazing moon viewing professional entry-definition night vision high-power deep space student

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Time to market: Winter 2013
  • Brand: Sirius
  • made in China
  • Price range: 500-1000
  • Telescope optics: refractive
  • Primary mirror diameter: 50-100mm
  • Highest magnification: 150 times
  • Coke ratio: 600
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Telescope bracket type: Jingwei ceremony
  • Primary mirror length: 500mm
  • Color Classification: Package A: Standard Edition [80500] Aluminum Tripod Package II: Standard Edition [80500] steel tripod Package III: Standard Edition [80600] steel tripod upgraded version of high-powered version of Package II + (plus high power eyepiece) Package TWENTY SLR photography edition Package II + single micro Photography Edition Package II + card digital camera photography edition Package II + then the computer observation Edition Package III + high-powered version (plus high power eyepiece) Package III + SLR photography edition Package III + single micro Photography Edition Package III + card digital camera photography Edition Package III + computer connected observation Edition
  • Item No: D-80TZ

Good news, good news, now buy send three gift.

1, Sirius original shock backpack

2, 6-inch or less universal phone holder

3, Sirius View original astrolabe

1. SLR Ring: Canadian 30 yuan redemption [Note photographed brands: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus]

2. The digital camera card holder: Canadian 70 yuan redemption

3. Micro Single Ring: Canadian 50 yuan redemption (Photographed Remarks SLR brands: Canon, Nikon, Sony)

4. Sirius high-power eyepiece PL6 mm: add 70 yuan Sirius high-power eyepiece

5. Electronic eyepiece: +80 yuan redemption (800,000 pixel electronic eyepiece, can be accessed by computer to watch)

About a multiple telescope: the telescope is not a multiple of the bigger the better, can not exceed the amplification of multiple telescopes Effective multiples, exceeded Effective multiples Very vague, unable to focus not see the target. Telescope multiples should be applied three times the caliber, 80 caliber applicable multiple is 3x80 = 240 times (valid multiples) as not more than 300 times.

(Known as multiple other brands 80EQ 675 times. In fact, for 80mm caliber simply can not achieve 675 times. That is 675 times that of other brands 80EQ not see things (not on the focal length), because he has exceeded the effective multiples. (Celestron 8SE price 10,500 it's effective only in multiples of 480 times, prices and multiples are placed here, known as 600 times, 1,000 times, 2,000 times is unable to focus, to see things...

Second advantage of advantages:

Sirius set sail the wind No.2 advantages advantages the new D-80TZ + D-80TZ ++ is: Cost-effective 80mm caliber configured price low

1.PL eyepieces, Clear image. (Other brands are using cheap low-end imaging eyepiece poor K)

2. 80600Broadband green film lens (Multi-layer broadband antireflection coatings will Multilayer broadband green film It extends to thousands of less price ......)

3.Distribution sunscreens Former security objective type (other brands do not deserve sunscreens individual businesses with the cost of a few dollars eyepiece end sunglasses easy to heat explosion Sirius belongs to the safe side lens will not hurt the eyes)

4. Focus original plastic tube Upgrade with M42x0.75mm photography thread Metal tube focus and extended focusing range SLR camera can be directly connected to imaging. Primary mirror can be used as a telephoto lens SLR camera shooting the scene and so on.

5. Tripod: universal world without blind spots Reinforcing metal theodolite Tripod low jitter, stable easy to use, simple operation, suitable for beginners.

6. Using the new Self-locking screwed interfaces of the highlights (80mm diameter telescopes other brands or conventional top wire interface)

Left: Sirius screwed right is self-locking interfaces: Bosma Celestron tradition and top wire Interface

III. Sirius sail wind 80TZ + Series

Low price high profile quality affordable brand trust

Main features

Advanced surface coating pigment eyepiece general, excellent wide field imaging

High level of integration combined with quick packing design, assembly fast and easy to carry

Just as in the short focal length completely prism system, fully compatible with celestial ground

Second, the main purpose

As a direct telescope stargazing, birdwatching, viewing, remote monitoring

As a telephoto lens photo camera or video camera connected to the star, the bird photo, taken King, remote forensics

by Electronic eyepiece (optional) Connect your computer stargazing photo star photo birds bird watching, viewing the object scene, forensics remote monitoring simultaneously

D-80TZ ++ (80600) is using the surface of the multilayer broadband green film, multilayer broadband green film extends to thousands of less price ......

Three: the difference between the following multiples of 80500 and 80600 of the need to add pl6 eyepiece, the optional

80500 (80TZ +) and 80600 (80TZ ++) difference:

80500: Focal 500 (multiple different) primary mirror length 480mm lens plated blue film

80600: 600 focal length (focal length magnification also bigger) primary mirror length 580mm lens plating green film (green film is better)

Model detailed parameters: D-80TZ + 80500 D-80TZ ++ 80600

80500 Magnification: 20 times 50 times 83.3Time (PL6mm) 60 times 150 times 250 times (PL6mm)

80,600 magnification: 24 times 60 times 100 times (PL6mm) 72 times 180 times 300 times (PL6MM)

D-80TZ ++ 80600 real shot diagram:

Sirius 80TZ ++ installation process: