Lu Hengsheng matter body pH test paper ph sweat urine lotion PH meter Tester PH precision test strips

Lu Hengsheng matter body pH test paper ph sweat urine lotion PH meter Tester PH precision test strips

Product description:

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  • Brand: LOHAND BIOLOGICAL / Lu Hengsheng matter
  • Series: paper
  • Model: 4.9-9

Product name: body pH test paper PH 4.5-9

product description:
[Products] detected in human urine, sweat, saliva, colorless liquid ...... eugenics
[] Measured concentrations 4.5-5.0-5.5-5.75-6.0-6.25-6.5-6.75-7.0-7.25-7.5-8.0-8.5-9.0mg / l
[Specification] 50 loading / box can also be according to your requirement.
Tips: undetectable soda.
Usage Recommendations
If the body's pH, the morning after the first pass urine, body pH as a reference.
If the saliva pH test strips, After the morning before brushing teeth with saliva pH test strips . If it is daytime, Preferably two hours after the test meal, please swallow Tianjin port three times and then tested. Apply a saliva test for 1 second out, shake off excess solution on a test strip, and colorimetric colorimetric card.
【Instructions】After taking the colored strip in half a second end immersed in saliva taken out, than the standard color version, observe the results within 30 seconds, the PH value obtained saliva.
How colorimetric it?
Immersed in a liquid sample with color strips out after 1-2 seconds and gently shake off excess solution on paper, then colorimetric with color card.
The first patch test strips (outside color) with a contrasting color to the first row of cards to find similar color, is probably the PH value, the first row of colors can be found, we do not have control of the second row
^ _ ^ If you can not find the color of the first row, the second color to use test strips (by inside color), with the second row to contrast color cards, find the corresponding color, PH value is appropriate 95% in the first row of color can be found. very simple to learn.
Human saliva ideal PH range is 6.4-7.2 (PH <6.4 acidic, PH> 7.2 slightly alkaline)
Urine pH test, PH value of normal: between 5.5-7.4.
Urinary PH value is less than normal: common in acidosis, diabetes, gout, serving acidic drugs.
Urinary PH value greater than normal: more common in alkalosis
'Acidic' is the source of sickness ★ What is acidic?
PH value within a healthy environment between 7.35 to 7.45. That body fluids should be weakly alkaline, in order to maintain a normal human physiological function and metabolism. "However, according to the survey, only 10 percent of respondents, physical bodily fluids PH value within this range are alkaline constitution. at the same time, the survey found that up to 70% of people are acidic, ie, body fluids PH value of the body, often hovering at around 7.35 or lower, the body in health and disease between the sub-health state. '

Compared with the basic constitution, acidic who often feel physical fatigue, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, backache, leg pain, diarrhea, constipation, etc., to the hospital, also check anything wrong. If a person's body, under the acidic environment in the long term, not be improved, women's skin will prematurely dim and aging; children can cause stunted, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating and other symptoms; the elderly will therefore lead to diabetes, neurological diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. 85% of gout, hypertension, cancer, patients with hyperlipidemia, are acidic.

How self-examination constitution is acidic or alkaline it? PH value in human urine is generally 5.5 to 7.4 is recommended in the morning, check your urine with PH pen. If repeated, it was found in PH value of less than 5 , then the same note, you are acidic.
[] ① acidic foods: sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and other minerals more food, the final metabolite in the body longer acidic, such as meat, eggs, fish and other animal foods and legumes and cereals and food base was appropriate. with help maintain body acid-base balance.
② [basic] food: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals more food in the body of the final metabolites often has a basic, such as vegetables, fruits, milk, soybeans and mushrooms food, etc. . and was an appropriate mix of food acids, helps to maintain body acid-base balance.

[1.] strong acidic food: beef, pork, chicken, tuna, oysters, flounder, cheese, rice, wheat, bread, wine, peanuts, walnuts, thin intestine, sugar, biscuits, sugar, beer.
[2.] acidic foods: bacon, eggs, lobster, octopus, squid, buckwheat, butter, peas, eel, river fish, chocolate, onions, pasta, fried tofu.
3. [] strongly alkaline food: tea, cabbage, persimmon, cucumber, carrots, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, taro, seaweed, citrus, figs, watermelon, grapes, raisins, chestnut, coffee, wine and so on.
4. [] weak alkaline food: tofu, peas, soybeans, green beans, bamboo shoots, potatoes, mushrooms, mushroom, rape, pumpkin, celery, sweet potato, lotus root, onion, eggplant, carrots, milk, apples, pears, bananas, cherries and many more.
Human food can be divided into acidic foods and alkaline foods. Determine the pH of food, not based on people's taste, nor is food chemical dissolved in water, but generated according to the food into the body according to the final metabolite depending on the pH. acidic foods are usually rich in protein, fat and carbohydrates, contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other elements to produce alkaline substances metabolized in the body, can prevent the blood changes to the acidic aspect. Therefore, sour fruit, generally alkaline foods than acidic foods, chicken, fish, meat, eggs, sugar, flavor, though not acid but is acidic foods.
Lemon is alkaline, sugar is acidic, boiled water without sugar, then of course the basic Look acidic alkaline organic ingredients can not see the flavor depends on the decomposed Further carbonated beverages are generally acidic.