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Maddlon vivox5M mobile phone shell silicone X5SL backgammon x5l mobile phone sets x5v soft shell protection cartoon

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Product parameters:

  • Protection of the texture: silica gel
  • Style: protective shell
  • Color classification: grass road small fly blue sky black and white zebra snow mountain chinchillas girl bus beard TIMO Aspen Fox Nepalese small ghost god happy girl Kumamoto ice and snow Romance green dill girl rice small new Brown maiden European pattern gentleman Ke Xiaonan bamboo safe Self - timer Pill Kids Small daisies Good night melancholy flower
  • Style: cartoon
  • For mobile phone models: vivo
  • Brand: maddlon
  • Model: vivo X5L painted soft shell 01

Backgammon VIVO X5L / X5SL / X5F / X5V / X5M dedicated

Other models and versions are not suitable!

Quality TPU soft shell, matte feel

Accurate hole design, easy to disassemble

Parents care about things:
This is a X5M can be universal, the right size, but the bottom of the X5M radio mouth is not hollow Oh

After a number of tests did not affect the shop, if the pro - mind, then to shoot Oh!