Closing spring hygrometer HTC-1 temperature and humidity meter, do only instrument Factory Outlet

Closing spring hygrometer HTC-1 temperature and humidity meter, do only instrument Factory Outlet

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Close Springs
  • Series: HTC
  • Model: -1
  • Color Classification: 1-10 only direct selling price is set at 100 units from 500 units from wholesale to customers special set HTC-2

Closing spring Meter HTC-1 hygrometer only boutique

(Factory Outlet - Make large customers can be customized)

Wholesale and retail - Cheap round - only for the good brand popularity!

The industry the same quality retail price of about 24-30 yuan,

And our factory wholesale 18-20 yuan

---- Our quality is different from the market 12-15 yuan instrument


----- We are the only professional instrumentation, quality manufacturers using imported core, to ensure accuracy, and stability, quality can be guaranteed for 18 months, the company's after-sales service to ensure that customers worry-free, if quality problems shipping back and forth we assume or direct refund to customers.

Now many domestic brands are part of the ordinary or low-cost core and components, precision is not good, life is short, unstable, do not ask the customer cheaper to buy cheap goods, quality can not be guaranteed, nor service it is good)

Co-Instrumentation Mall the following assurances:

1, ordinary shop decoration simple, do not ask artists and designers, to let customers cost savings

2, the instrument were approved by the production, packaging and sale of three tests and inspections to ensure that the passing rate of 99.9%, and general brand is not.

3, instruments are imported and the core element, the quality is higher than the market low-cost precision, long life, so the warranty of 18 months.

4, the company is now done only for popularity, the cost price and wholesale sales, focusing on service, quality can not be applied if, 7 days package refunds or direct replacement. No refund of the goods!

Customer Information:

If you buy the company's products and found the following:

1, due to transportation, to rupture, or turn on the word show is unclear, please contact making plans - no reason to return.

2, found more than one standard deviation and temperature, humidity more than 5%, please follows:

A meter set after 20 minutes into the plane of the table until the meter and the accuracy in determining the temperature adaptation

B as easy to please change my new battery home, stayed in determining the accuracy of 10-20 minutes

Please C above operation must not be placed in the hands, must be flat on the table indoors

If after treatment by the above method, such as determining the instrument has quality problems, OUR no reason returned

Instrumentation electronic products belong to our company through 100% quality factory testing three times, but due to transport and process the intermediate links, quality problems that may arise, but the company will make the best possible service and make your buy!

HTC-1 temperature and humidity meter

Temperature, humidity, time, date, alarm clock

--5 Big function, get a table!

Wholesalers supply the brand of choice of intermediaries

Large customers of the production company name (hereinafter, for the production of the case)