Hikaru Hoshi | Mobile infrared universal remote control | Projector fan air conditioning television set-top boxes rice box

Hikaru Hoshi | Mobile infrared universal remote control | Projector fan air conditioning television set-top boxes rice box

Product description:

feature of product

Supports all infrared remote control device

1. Compatibility most powerful mobile infrared remote control

2. Support all infrared remote control device, the remote control is universal king

3. remote distance, usually 5-8 meters

4. Has infrared learning function

5. The phone dust plug function

6. cartoon design, mobile phone accessories, compact appearance

7. The software is user-friendly design, simple to use, green

8. Original mobile audio auxiliary power supply, improve life

9. The remote database and software updates automatically, will continue to improve and update the remote database and software


Home: air-conditioning, TV, set-top boxes, fan, DVD, projector, SLR, network boxes, amplifiers) and other infrared remote control products.

Support for electrical, TV set-top box air conditioning fan is more than 95% of the vote, it has been unable to support appliances: Japanese air-conditioned (Panasonic Daikin air conditioning) Gehua machine set-top boxes. It does not support 2.4G and Bluetooth, Lynx Lynx Box box box Taijie 2.4G remote control is not supported, Millet small box Bluetooth is not supported (but supports an enhanced version of millet box Standard Edition)

Remote control handset is a smartphone-based universal remote control, by frequency communication technology, the mobile phone signal repeater for the remote control infrared signal, enabling mobile phone remote control home appliances function a cell phone, an app, control home TV, air conditioning , set-top boxes, DVD, projectors, and other appliances. from then on, you do not have to face a bunch of home remote control can not start, a machine in hand, a variety of remote control fast switching, control where they go

About phone can not use the issue:

The phone on the remote control to ensure that 99% of mobile phones can be used, which is our technical staff to overcome the difficulties, do not pick the phone, can be assured that when used according to the requirements to do just fine.

(Purchase must see Tips) relatives and friends, universal remote control and can not be 100%; even online dedicated remote control, nor can the seller can guarantee 100%, because of the need to pair with air conditioning; we sell this paragraph remote control, is escalating chip factory, we sold a number of the remote control, compatible with the highest, and this shop sales, the factory is an upgrade every day, the latest sources, ensure the latest upgrade. If the case is really irrelevant pro can Free 7 days reason returned; the buyer to pay return postage; (recommendation may be under Shunpian Mai pro purchase shipping insurance, return shipping by the insurance company) does not agree, please carefully shot; photographed representatives agreed!

install software:

Android system

Method one: Scan directly above the packaging dimensional code;

Method 2: Click www.tasogo.com/pc.html

Method three: Tencent application treasure, 360 mobile assistant in search 'to explore the fruit' found Exploration fruit smartphone remote control, click to download;

Apple systems: the phone APPSTORE search inside 'Exploration fruit' found Exploration fruit smartphone remote control, click Download.