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Notebook shell film film | color shell film 14-inch | shell film protective film 15.6-inch shell stickers

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  • Brand: Lu Bojia
  • Colorful Sticker Color: Super Mario Spring Melody Monologue Flying Pleasure Powder KITTY Piano Spongebob SquarePants One Piece Luffy Black And White Fantasy Girl Dreaming Girl Dreaming Dream A Beaver Milky Banner Cow Cattle Mysterious Cute Girl Wish To Lucky Cat Purple Butterfly Flower Purple Fantasy transparent scrub (no wrist rest) Default 14-inch .15.6 inch Please note and customer service instructions, thank you ~
  • Style: cartoon

Shell film are too large, all need to cut, put the entire computer covered with a knife along the side with a knife like it! Buy two get one free message to what map, do not leave a message, then the warehouse was sent!

Buy and send wrist care film (notebook keyboard below, touch the screen where the books on both sides) ~ To send the wrist with the logo is the same oh ~

Shell film default 14-inch, you need 15.6-inch Please message that, and explain with the customer service Oh ~ Otherwise the hair is not responsible for the oh ~