Black Star Smart 3 | Box computer pc wireless game controller | Android Mobile TV box gta5

Black Star Smart 3 | Box computer pc wireless game controller | Android Mobile TV box gta5

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: Lai Shi da PXN-9603B
  • Brand: Lai Shi
  • Model: PXN-9603B
  • Wireless: wireless
  • Application object:
  • Colors: white black pink
  • Handle features: vibration
  • Interface type: USB

The handle support King glory and cross fire game

The official standard: handle *1, cord *1, *1 wireless receiver, manual *1

"The gift"

"Buy 1" free game CD *1, OTG cable *1, + rocker Cap + bag

"Buy 2" free game CD *2, OTG cable *2+ Rocker Cap + bag,

PS :Free Why games collection (contains 300 arcade games, need for speed 8/9/10, really three unique)

This is not an ordinary game controller! Quality does not play around with joypad could not '6', so please hold me and any one on the market price of a similar product works! Work not feel dissatisfied! Return my package freight (full free shipping insurance)

A multifunctional smart Internet

Lai Shi da smart 3 PXN-9603 smart wireless game controller

Cat box open Edition----Chang playing computer/PS3 Android/PC hosts three major platforms!

2.4G zero lag wireless transmission technology; Built-in Lithium Rechargeable and intelligent power saving; X360 handle structure, great feel! YUNOS Ali games Grape arcades, KO city, fast game, little big game Official recommended the handle!

Support the cat box, couscous boxes, TV plus TV, millet TV; Intelligent television network set-top boxes; Super service: 15 days, no reason for return, 90 days free replacement quality, 1 year long warranty!

Compatible with all computer systems (Windows XP/win7/win8/win8.1 can play), compatible with all computers (laptops, desktops can play).

XBOX360 Plug and play PC computer Transplant Games (GTA5, wizards 3, fact-2015, Assassin's creed, etc), play some games you need to install drivers, driver download official website address: