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NDJ-1 / 5S / 8S / 9S Rotational hand viscometer / digital viscometer

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: performance Thai
  • Model: NDJ-1
  • Item No .: NDJ-1
  • Color Classification: NDJ-1 Receipt + 1-4 Rotor + Trunk Packing NDJ-1 Machine + 1 + 1-4 Rotor + Trunk Packing NDJ-5S-Digital + 1-4 Rotor + Aluminum Packing NDJ-8S-Digital + 1-4 Rotor + Trunk Packing Zero Rotor Set NDJ-9S-Digital + 1-4 Rotor + Aluminum Package Temperature Probe Rotor 1-4 (touch one) NDJ-5T + 1-4 rotor + aluminum case packaging touch screen NDJ-8T + 1-4 rotor + aluminum case packaging touch screen NDJ-9T + 1-4 rotor + aluminum packaging
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

It is widely used in the determination of dynamic viscosity and structural viscosity of mineral oil, lubricating oil, adhesives, paints, fuels and printing inks, etc. The viscosity meter is suitable for the determination of viscosity and rheology of various fluids. , Is the petrochemical products, household chemicals, medicine, food, fuel, adhesives and other industries Determination of fluid viscosity of the ideal instrument.

working principle:

Thai-brand licensing NDJ-1Type viscometer for the determination of the absolute viscosity and rheological properties of a variety of liquids and semi-fluid measurement of oil, paint, food, drugs, cosmetics, adhesives and other fluid viscosity.New product development, product quality control test analysis In the use of one of the most sophisticated instruments.

Shanghai Thai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. production NDJ-1Type rotary viscometer has the following characteristics:

1The hoisting system adopts the helical rack /Helical gear mode:

Other domestic manufacturers use rotary viscometer are straight rack /Spur gear mode, the rack and gear at work only one tooth contact, if the upward adjustment easily; will be down from the slide, such as to avoid self-sliding, upward adjustment will be difficult to face Rotary viscometer factory is the use of helical gears Way, helical gear and helical gears work with three teeth contact, effectively overcome the straight rack /Spur gears shortcomings, easy to move up and down, easy, and will not slip /The cost of helical gears in machining is higher than that of straight racks /Gear mode is much more difficult)

2A universal joint is added to the connection to the rotor:

Rotational viscometer rotor and the rotation axis is usually a direct rigid connection, the shaft of the different heart or rotor of the heart will cause the rotor in the test shaking, affecting the test accuracy. Rotary tip is thin and sharp, is not through the badger na Horseshoe crabs tragic Bo 3; Song Fei Shaotong badger resistant to the feathers of the birds of prey 2 sent along the ignorant send the snail dart Chung Zheng poem along the line of stupid stupid Min Tuen Yong Mou Huang Huan thumbs blowing Mau halo Rui Rui 1; (Universal joints need to import CNC machine tools, precision requirements are very high), the use of imported CNC machine tools, processing requirements, the accuracy is very high, , So the cost also increased a lot).

3Variable speed gears are made of high abrasion resistance and high performance engineering plastics:

In order to make the rotary viscometer run smooth, accurate measurement, the gear machining accuracy is very high.Current domestic manufacturers use the viscometer with the metal gear is processed into tooth pieces and other parts riveting, because of this Processing methods, it is difficult to meet the design requirements, making the viscometer at work is not smooth, such as jitter, jitter, pointer beats, and noise, and I plant using high-performance engineering plastics performance than metal) The whole part of a compression molding, precision molds to ensure that the processing of the gear completely meet the design requirements, a fundamental solution to the problems caused by metal gears, making the viscometer at work is very smooth and improve the test accuracy .

4Processing fine, excellent performance:

Each component is carefully processing, careful debugging, strict control of quality, as users are happy to buy, rest assured that use.

The main technical parameters:

Measuring range

10~ 100000 (100,000) mPa.s

Rotor size

1, 2, 3, 4, The number four rotor (0No. Rotor is an option to measure low viscosity to 0.1 mPas)

Instrument speed

6/12/30/60turn /Minute

Measurement error

±5% (Newtonian liquid)

Electricity source

220V ± 10V ; 50Hz

net weight



400 × 370 × 150 mm

NDJ-5S / 8S / 9S digital viscometer is the company's rotating viscometer upgrade products.This instrument uses advanced mechanical design technology, manufacturing processes and microcomputer control technology, data acquisition is correct; display selection of blue backlight, high Brightness of the LCD screen, the data show clear.

This instrument has the characteristics of high measurement sensitivity, reliable test result, convenient operation and elegant appearance. It is used to measure the absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquid and the apparent viscosity of non-Newtonian liquid. It can be widely used in grease, paint , Plastics, drugs, jewelry, paint, detergents and other objects of viscosity measurement.

NDJ-9S digital display viscometer is the rotation of our factory viscometer upgrade products, based on the original number of significant increase in the viscosity of the temperature detection function, the experiment shows that: When the temperature deviation of 0.5 ℃, some liquid viscosity deviation of ultra-5 %, The temperature deviation on the viscosity of a large temperature rise, viscosity decreased, so pay special attention to the measured liquid temperature changes brought about by the viscosity changes.

This picture shows NDJ-5S NDJ-8S NDJ-9S photo

Portable aluminum box Size: 420 * 180 * 325MM

This picture shows NDJ-5S NDJ-8S NDJ-9S Software Photo:

Open a new era of domestic touch screen viscometer

T Series of touch screen rotation viscosity meter





control /Display method

5-inch color touch screen

Rotating speed (R / min)



Measuring range MPas

1 to 100000 (100,000)

1 to 2 million (2 million)

(Measured below 10 ultra-low viscosity, need to choose 0 # rotor)


1 - 4 # (standard)

0 # rotor (optional)

Measurement error (Newtonian liquid)




Repetition error (Newtonian liquid)




Timing function


Temperature measurement function

Standard temperature probe interface (need to choose the temperature probe)

Automatic scanning function

Automatic scanning and recommend the best combination of rotor and speed

Displays the maximum measuring range

The combination of the selected rotor and speed is automatically displayed for a measurable viscosity range

The display should be cut /Shear rate


Automatic display of kinematic viscosity

Enter the density of the sample

Self-built measurement program

Save up to 30 groups (including rotor, speed, temperature, time, etc.)

Save the measurement results

Up to 30 sets of data can be saved (including viscosity, temperature, rotor, speed, shear rate, shear stress, time, density, kinematic viscosity, etc.)

Viscosity curve

Viscosity curve displayed in real time


Data, curves can be printed (standard with a print interface, need to buy printer)

Data output interface


Thermostatic components

Options (including a variety of viscometer thermostat, constant temperature cup,)

Working power

Wide voltage operation (110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz)


300 × 300 × 450 (mm)