Shanghai Tai Ji | three-year warranty NDJ-1 / 5S / 8S / 9S rotational viscometer pointer / digital display viscometer

 Shanghai Tai Ji | three-year warranty NDJ-1 / 5S / 8S / 9S rotational viscometer pointer / digital display viscometer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tai Ji
  • Model: NDJ-1
  • Product Number: NDJ-1
  • Color Classification: NDJ-1 receipt + 1-4 + rotor Aluminum packaging NDJ-1 machine-printed ticket Cape rotor + 1-4 + Aluminum packaging NDJ-5S- Digital + 1-4 + rotor Aluminum packaging NDJ-8S- digital + 1-4 + Aluminum packaging zero rotor rotor set NDJ-9S- digital + 1-4 + Aluminum packaging rotor temperature probe 1-4 rotor (out of four)
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

Overview: Shanghai Ji Tai Electronics Technology Co viscometer suitable for the determination of various fluid viscosity and rheology, widely used in the determination of mineral oils, lubricants, adhesives, paint, fuel, ink viscosity and dynamic viscosity structure , petrochemical products, household chemical, pharmaceutical, food, fuel, adhesives and other industries ideal instrument for measuring the fluid viscosity.

working principle:

Performance Thai brand NDJ-1Rotational viscometer for the determination of a variety of liquid and semi-liquid absolute viscosity measurement and rheological properties of oil, paint, food, drugs, cosmetics, glue agents of various fluid viscosity is new product development, product quality control test analysis one of the most used in precision instruments.

Shanghai Ji Tai Electronics Technology Co. NDJ-1Rotational viscometer has the following characteristics:

1The elevator system uses slant rack /Helical gear mode:

Other domestic manufacturers of rotational viscosity meter are used in straight rack /Straight gear way, a rack and pinion tooth contact only at work, if easily adjusted upward; will slide downwards from, such as avoiding self-slippery, hard surface will be adjusted upward our plant is the use of rotational viscometers helical gear. way, oblique and oblique rack gear tooth contact with three work effectively overcome straight rack /Spur way disadvantage, moving up and down convenient, easy, and does not slip from. (Oblique rack /Helical gears straight racks in the cost of processing requirements than /Gear is much more difficult way)

2The connection of the rotor interface increases the gimbal:

Typically rotational viscometer with a rotating shaft of the rotor is rigidly connected directly to the shaft of the rotor different heart or misalignment will cause the rotor when shaking test, influence test accuracy rotary shaft thin and sharp tip, that is without? Badger na limulus miserable Bo 3; Song Fei Shao Donghuannaifei  Inspector of prey Α2 Shaomeisongsi tadpole Yongzhengyingshao row Ъ Tuojiumintuo  Huang Yong Mou Mou  thumb  blow Xiuyunpengrui ⒈; bu dong Tiffany Huang Ju  not hunt prey ΑU Um paper hilly configuration  Lu Ъ a flatter swing regardless  school play percussion Di salary  scold mother pulled burning meal Xia ? (gimbal required imported CNC machining, precision is very high , so the cost has also increased a lot).

3. Transmission gear high wear-resistant, high-performance engineering plastic:

In order to run a smooth rotational viscometer, measurement accuracy, precision machining gear requirements are very high. Currently other domestic manufacturers viscometer used gear are processed into sheet metal and other parts of the chainring and then riveting, since this limitations processing methods, it is difficult to meet the design requirements, making viscometer at work is not running smoothly, such as shaking, shaking, beating and other pointers, and noise. I plant with high-performance engineering plastics outperforms metal) will gear the entire first pressing member, because of the mold so as to ensure high-precision machining of gear fully meet the design requirements, from the fundamental solution to the problems caused by metal gears so viscometer at work is very steady, improve test accuracy .

4Processing fine, fine performance:

Each component is carefully processed, carefully debugging, strict quality control, as is the user happy purchase, ease of use.

The main technical parameters:

Measurement range

10~ 100 000 (100 000) mPa.s

Rotor Specifications

1, 2, 3, 4, Number four kinds of rotor (0Number rotor is an option, it can be measured to a low viscosity 0.1 mPa.s)

Speed ​​instrument

6/12/30/60turn /Minute

Measurement error

±5% (Newtonian liquid)

Electricity source

220V ± 10V ; 50Hz

net weight



400 × 370 × 150 mm

NDJ-5S / 8S / 9S digital display viscometer rotational viscometer is the company's upgrading of products. The instrument uses advanced mechanical design technology, manufacturing technology and microcomputer control technology, data acquisition correctly; The display is blue backlit, high the brightness of the LCD screen, the data show clearly.

The instrument has high sensitivity and reliable test results, easy to operate, nice shape and other characteristics, is used to measure the Newtonian liquid instruments and absolute viscosity of non-Newtonian liquid apparent viscosity can be widely used in oil, paint , plastics, pharmaceuticals, jewelry, paint, detergents and other objects viscosity measurements.

NDJ-9S digital display viscometer rotational viscometer is factory upgraded product, in the original digital viscometer based on the increase of the temperature detection function, experiments show that: when the temperature deviation 0.5 ℃, some liquid viscosity deviation over 5 %, the temperature deviation great influence on the viscosity, temperature, viscosity decreases, so pay special attention to the temperature changes in the measured fluid viscosity changes brought.

This picture shows NDJ-5S NDJ-8S NDJ-9S photo

Portable Aluminum Size: 420 * 180 * 325MM