JY-660X music school bell factory dedicated high-power automatic bell horn 220V Jinyun

JY-660X music school bell factory dedicated high-power automatic bell horn 220V Jinyun

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: JIN CLOUDCN
  • Model: JY-660X

Summary description:

1. school: set the AutoPlay + the first Bell to eye exercises + exercises + Bell + Bell + lunch Bell school bell school + lights + bells, and so on

2. the kindergarten: can be set to automatically play the exercises prepare Bell + music + school + bell + lunch + Bell school bell Bell, and so on

3. factory Office: you can set automatic Bell + Bell + background music to my lunch break from work to work,

4. Workshop: set up to 80 times the special voice broadcast, voice reminders, and more

Bell instrument profiles

One, the function and the use of

This product according to the user to set the time, can be used as factories, schools, Bell auto control. If equipped with the corresponding language film, parable that can also be used as a family, schedule of voice prompts, automatic, accurate and timely warning.

ⅱ characteristic

1, smart one

2, walking every day and Bell error less than 0.5 seconds;

3, Bell's 84 per day;

4, liquid crystal displays, Chinese language interface, easy to install;

5, Bell can be days or weeks.

6, Bell adjustable delay 1 sec ~ 99 minutes;

Third, timed Bell set

1, clock adjustment:

Press and hold the ' clock ' button at the same time as once again press the ' week ', ' school ', ' school ', respectively, June, these parameters can be adjusted in accordance with the standard.

2, Bell time parameter settings:

2.1, Bell

Press the ' timer ' button, LCD display '1 drive ' (sets the hint for the first time), according to time parameters are required pressing the ' school ', ' school ' key set, the school week, track number, sets the length of the Bell. (Bell song and ringtone length, Bell each time you want to reinstate effective Bell)

2.2, the week parameter settings:

Press the ' week ' key has the following options:

① one-day setting: (one or two or three ... ... Or day)

② 135

③ 246


⑤ 123

⑥ 456

Sadly, 12345

⑧ 123456

Krispy Kreme is 123456

7th Bell if you need a week to work, the Krispy Kreme kind of optional, followed by analogy. If you need to reset press the ' Cancel recover ' open hosted by Kai show time ''

Four operational status displays

Work status:

Bell after acceding to power, indicates that the red indicator light: when the Bell is working, green LED light is on.

Five Bell manual control

Manual temporary Bell, pressing the ' manual ' buttons, make the triangle prompt from the LCD ' automatically ' moved to ' open ' position, status green light is on at this time, said Bell had been in working condition. As the Bell State stopped again pressing the ' manual ' button makes the triangle prompt the LCD from the ' open ' position adjustments ' automatic ' or ' closed ' position, Bell delay time can be controlled manually (this Bell when Bell was with the set delay time has nothing to do). In automatic control mode to automatic position adjustment of the triangle must be prompt.