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Soyo SY-A88M + sound magic version of FM2 + A88 motherboard | support AMD 860K 7650K

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Soyo SY-A88M +
  • Brand: Soyo
  • Soyo: SY-A88M +
  • Suitable for: desktop
  • CPU Type: AMD
  • AMD CPU interface: FM2 +
  • Chipset: A88X
  • Motherboard structure: Micro ATX
  • Whether to support the display output: support
  • Display interface: VGA + DVI
  • Multi-card support: not supported
  • Memory type: DDR3
  • Memory channel: dual channel
  • Maximum memory capacity: 16G
  • Whether to support disk array: Not supported
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Baby Condition: New

Soyo SY-A88M + magic sound version
Motherboard chip
Main chipset AMD Bolton chipset
Chip manufacturers AMD
Graphics chip Depending on the CPU type
NIC chip Gigabit Ethernet
CPU specifications
CPU type FM2 + / FM2 series processors
CPU socket FM2 + / FM2
Memory specification
Memory description Supports dual channel DDR3
Expansion slots
Graphics card slot 1PCI-E graphics card slot
SATA interface SATA III
I / O interface
USB interface USB2.0 USB3.0
PS / 2 interface PS / 2 mouse and keyboard hybrid interface
audio port 5.1-channel HD audio output
Video interface DVI, VGA
Other parameters
Power supply interface One 4-pin, one 24-pin power connector
Power supply mode 5-phase power supply all solid capacitors
feature of product LED light effect of the audio division line professional audio capacitors
Certification Sharp, net public, DOL, Spring diskless certification authority
With the motherboard comes Manual, SATA data cable, baffle