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Digital electronic punch counter | Molded lathe finished | Magnetically controlled Hall switch Rotary counter |

Digital electronic punch counter | Molded lathe finished | Magnetically controlled Hall switch Rotary counter |
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Puxicoo
  • Model: P11-5A
  • Item No
  • Color Classification: Set (head + magnetron switch) as long as the magnetic switch as long as the digital display header
  • Decoration and construction: procurement of the main material

Magnetic principle Electronic counter Punch counter Punch electronic counter

Punch electronic counter + magnet close to the switch + round strong magnet full set = 1 electronic counter + 1 counter mounting bracket + 1 magnetically controlled proximity switch (length 1.1 m) + 1 diameter 12 mm thickness 2.5 mm round magnet + 1 magnetically controlled proximity switch mounting bracket, complete set Approx. 100 Grams or so.

Counter low power consumption, 24 hours of non-stop use, 0.5-1 yuan of ordinary 5 batteries can be used for more than six months, 2 yuan high-performance battery 5 can use a year and a half to two years.

See below physical picture:

Magnet according to the actual work needs, flexible on the appropriate location, so that the need to count the equipment to complete a work process, the magnet is close to leave again Magnetically controlled proximity switches are used once to complete a count. Note: Only magnet can be sensed , Other things can not sense.

Work, let The magnet follows the device action Close to Magnetically Proximity Switch Distance 0.5-1Cm , Then let the magnet go away Magnetically controlled proximity switch a certain distance (3-5Cm or more ), The counter plus 1Count, repeat the above process, the counter will be accumulated count: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6(Note: the magnet leaves when the count). When installing, adjust the position of magnet and sensor switch.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 1.5V - A A 5 Battery Clear: Panel / External
Counting range: 0 --- 99999 Clear the minimum pulse width: 0.1 seconds
Count the highest frequency: 20HZ Ambient temperature: -5--40 ℃
Count the minimum pulse width: 10mS Dimension: 64 * 38 * 38 mm
Contact connected Maximum resistance: ≤ 10KΩ Hole size: 61 * 36 mm
Contact open Minimum resistance: ≥ 500KΩ Weight: about 50 grams

The sensor can detect the distance: 1.5 cm.


1. Five large-screen LCD display, display large and clear
2. The use of ordinary No. 5 battery, no external power supply, and easy to replace the battery
3. Press PAUSE to pause / count, then press PAUSE again to resume counting
4. Input using common contact signal, select the sensor is simple and convenient, accurate and reliable counting
5. Maximum counting speed: 20 times / second (if the buyer requests the counting speed may be higher, please buy with caution.)
6. Clear: panel / external dual purpose
Seismic design, to effectively prevent data loss
8. No mechanical wear, reliable, long service life

Install the battery:

Unscrew the two housing fixing screws and gently Separate the rear cover (Be careful not to pull off the signal line ), Into a No. 5 battery (Available separately ), Close the back cover and tighten the 2-piece housing Screws.

Wiring method:


To start counting: Count terminal input contact signal, the counter starts counting.
Pause count: Press Count / Pause key (PAUSE ), Pause the count; press again Count / Pause key (PAUSE ), To resume counting.
The panel is cleared : Press first Count / Pause key (PAUSE ), And then press Clear key (RESET) .
External Clear: Clear terminal The external contact is turned on and cleared directly.


1. The count signal of the counter and the switch or circuit of the clear signal input should be as close to the terminal of the counter as possible so that the signal line is as short as possible.
2. Avoid the same with other such as: strong electric wire or power wire, etc. with the same tube or stranded wiring, if necessary, use shielded cable, shield connected to the counter terminal +.
3. The count signal and clear signal of the counter can only input the contact signal, and can not input other electric signal.
4. Contact input should be reliable, so as not to cause contact bounce error counting, error cleared.
5. When the LCD display is blurred, replace it with a new one. Remove the battery when not in use for long periods of time to prevent damage to the counter due to deterioration of the battery.

6. The magnet can not contact with high temperature, if the brake wheel temperature, please install it in other non-high temperature position.

Install the battery: Remove the 2 bracket screws, remove the bracket, and then remove the two shell screws, gently separate the back cover (be careful not to pull off the signal line), into a 5 battery (sold separately, ordinary carbon Acid batteries can be used for about six months, high-performance alkaline batteries can be used for more than 1 year), check the LCD screen is normal, and then close the back cover, screw back 2 shell set screws.

Counting input switch wiring:

Counting signal input switch: You can choose the factory Magnetically controlled proximity switches: VJ12-D10K , You can also choose: Micro Switch , Limit switch , And so on, (general application on the use of the counter counter input count signal on it).