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Hailei magnetic | bagged standard buffer pH 4, 7, 9 set / single package | billable

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Rex
  • Item: 2
  • Color Classification: a total of 15 single-package package 6.86 4.00 9.18 Single package Single package
  • Renovation and construction content: 1

Accuracy: ± 0.01pH

pH: 4.00,6.86,9.18

Configuration errors can easily result when, in order to ensure the accuracy of the configuration items to pay attention to three aspects:

1, into the powder to completely, avoid configuration errors, the best rinse again plastic bags

2, the configuration of the electrical conductivity of water to be controlled within 2us / cm, generally with distilled or ultrapure water to

3,250ml refers to the volume of water at 25 ° C for

Note that when configuring utensils clean to prevent bacteria from entering the solution, in order to extend the storage time, the configured buffer to be saved in a brown bottle was sealed and preservation of not more than five days.

Set is 4.00,6.86, 9.18 three kinds of packages each 5, a total of 15 packages.

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