Flow restrictor 3a | Limit appliances | limiting protection device | load limiters automatic controller | 220v hostel limiting switch 1a

Flow restrictor 3a | Limit appliances | limiting protection device | load limiters automatic controller | 220v hostel limiting switch 1a

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MYCN
  • Model: 3a






First, the technical parameters:

AWorking voltage: AC220V, 50HZ

B, ambient temperature: 40 ℃ - 5 ℃

C, Rated current / power: 0.5A / 110W, 1A / 220W, 2A / 440W, 3A / 660W, 5A / 1100W, 6A / 1320W, 10A / 2200W, 15A / 3300W, 20A / 4400W,

two, According to user needs other specifications 'brownouts automatic controller' production.

Third, use

It can be used in hotels, student dormitory, factories and construction sites residential dormitory room and place of use specified power electricity automatic control. The main limitation is the illegal use of electric power resistive load device (such as a furnace, heater) Etc., had no effect (not to exceed the total power of the nominal power) for the use of computers, fans, general equipment, television sets, incandescent, fluorescent, etc. Electronic thus play a role in limiting the waste of electricity, In particular, over-current limiting circuit caused the fire was an Auxiliary heat to eliminate safety hazards.

Fourth, the wiring: (standard rail mounting miniature circuit breakers and the same)
Power input: N zero line, L1 for the phase line, the output of load: N zero line, L2 of the phase line.

Fifth, the overload approach:

AIf the actual load current exceeds the rated current and the time within 1-10 seconds (adjustable), the controller automatically disconnects the load shedding power, overload indication red light will turn on automatically.

BOverload treatment: When first deal with the overload of load power (unplug the illegal use of electrical appliances), to automatically limit power controller rated current, limited power automatic controller automatically detects the load power is lower than the nominal load power in within 1-40 seconds (adjustable) time the green LED lights up automatically, you can Automatic recovery positive Normal operation power supply, otherwise the controller automatically continuous trip is not working,

Six: Energy Saving

For example, a Illegal use of the hostel one day 2-3 hours 700-1000W Electric equipment, in order to calculate the 0.5 yuan / kWh, a year can save $ 500 electricity,

Seven specific installation location: Please input line connected to the rear power switch and GFCI

Note: This baby around 0.18KG Package weight, weight for reference only.

Normal working conditions:

1Installation ambient temperature -10~+40℃, and 24HThe average does not exceed+35℃.

2, The installation site altitude does not exceed2000m

3Installation place should rain, dust, pollution rating of not more than three.

4, The relative atmospheric conditions of a temperature of the ambient air 40℃ when not more than 50%, At lower temperatures can have a higher relative humidity, the wettest month of the average minimum temperature does not exceed +25℃, the monthly mean maximum relative humidity 90%, Taking into account the formation of condensation due to temperature.

5It can not be installed in the magnetic environment.

6, Voltage: AC220V +10%, 1A - 40A large current can be customized

7, showing the closing operation the green light, red light indicates overload breaking.

8, installation, rail type.

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