Current limiter 3a | limiter | current limiter | load limit automatic control | 220v dormitory current limit switch 1a

Current limiter 3a | limiter | current limiter | load limit automatic control | 220v dormitory current limit switch 1a

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MYCN
  • Model: 3a



First, the technical parameters:

A, Operating voltage: AC220V, 50HZ

B, the use of ambient temperature: 40 ℃ - 5 ℃

C5A / 1100W, 6A / 1320W, 10A / 2200W, 15A / 3300W, 20A / 4400W, rated current and power: 0.5A / 110W, 1A / 220W,

two, Can be based on user needs other specifications of the 'power-automatic controller' production.

Third, use

Can be used for hotels, student dormitories, factory dormitories and construction sites for civilian use and the provisions of the use of power places in the automatic control of electricity. Mainly to limit the illegal use of resistive load power electric heating equipment (such as electric stove, heat fast) And so on, for the computer, electric fans, general equipment, television sets, incandescent, electronic fluorescent lamps have no effect (the total power should not exceed the nominal power.) To play a role in limiting waste electricity, Especially to limit the line over-current heating caused by fire is to help eliminate the role of security risks.

Fourth, the wiring: (to standard rail mounting, and small circuit breaker the same)
Power input: N for the zero line, L1 phase line, load output: N is the zero line, L2 phase line.

Fifth, the overload treatment methods:

A, If the actual load current exceeds the rated current and the time in 1-10 seconds, the power controller automatically disconnect the load power, overload protection indicator automatically lights red.

B, Overload handling: first deal with the overload of the load power (unplug the use of electrical appliances), to limit power automatic controller rated current, automatic limiter automatic control will automatically detect the load power is lower than the nominal load power, the 1-40 seconds time green indicator light automatically, you can Automatic recovery positive Often running power supply to use, otherwise the controller automatically continuous trip can not be normal use,

Six: energy saving

For example one Dormitory day violation of the use of 2-3 hours of 700-1000W Electric equipment to 0.5 yuan / kWh, a year can save 500 yuan in electricity,

7, the specific installation location: input line connected to the main power switch and leakage switch behind

Note: This baby with packaging weight 0.18KG or so, the weight is for reference only

Normal operating conditions:

1, Installation ambient temperature -10~+40° C 24HOf the average value does not exceed+35℃.

2, The installation site altitude does not exceed2000m

3, The installation should be rain, dust, pollution levels of not more than three.

4, The atmospheric conditions for the relative temperature in the surrounding air 40℃ is not exceeded 50%, At a lower temperature can have a higher relative humidity, the average temperature in the wettest month does not exceed +25℃, the average maximum relative temperature of the month 90%, Taking into account the temperature difference due to the formation of condensation.

5, Shall not be installed in a strong magnetic environment.

6, Voltage: AC220V +10%, 1A - 40A high current can be customized

7, when the green light that closed work, red light, said overload break.

8, installation, road rail.