Baofeng BF-UV5R walkie-talkie | Baofeng 5W civilian car travel by car 1-15-50 km

Baofeng BF-UV5R walkie-talkie | Baofeng 5W civilian car travel by car 1-15-50 km

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Baofeng BF-UV-5R
  • Walkie-talkie brand: Bao Feng
  • Model: BF-UV-5R
  • Item No .: BF-UV-5R
  • (The color please note) Second-generation steel mesh + car antenna six generation gain version Three generation standard (3800 thick battery) Five generation first edition (black or Silver side optional) generation of official standard + headphones
  • Walkie-talkie category: Hand sets
  • Maximum distance: 5km-10km (including 10km)
  • Whether the display: Yes

Bao Feng BF-UV5R series accessories 9 election three

1: Gain rod antenna (up to 13CM, elongated 40cm) 2: 8CM small antenna 3: 4CM small antenna 4: 771 Soft Antenna (40CM) 5:Car charger (cigarette lighter) 6: Small car antenna 7: headset 8: USB Car Charger 9: small screwdriver. Nine elections need three notes , No note to send the default headset + rod antenna + small screwdriver.

Factory direct sales Baofeng UV5R three generations of upgraded version, Bao Feng

BF-UV5R three generations of walkie-talkie farther, more performance Stable, double-double dual-band dual-Shou

Radio amateur first.

Product Features:

Frequency range: V segment 136- 174MHZ, U section 400-520MHZ

LCD with dual-band display

With CTCSS / DCS signaling automatic search display

Has a radio function

With flashlight function

With U-U, V-V, U-V work function

Has the channel name edition function

Dual-band intercom function

With computer programming capabilities

With voice control function

Frequency, channel scanning

Channel scan table editing function (free to choose the channel to participate in the scan)

Standard: a host, Lithium battery 2800MA one

Block, a charger, an antenna, a clip

One, a lanyard, brochures.