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'Fidelity' Chang Lin-308 multi-function to strengthen the upgraded version of the shovel shovel shovel shovel shovel shovel

'Fidelity' Chang Lin-308 multi-function to strengthen the upgraded version of the shovel shovel shovel shovel shovel shovel
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  • Time to market: Fall 2014
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Army fans friends: Phoenix video player is our shovel Chang Lin WJQ-308 multi-functional army shovel

Changlin 1417 multifunctional spade, although only a shovel, but it has long been out of the concept of shovel! Scissors, saws, tow hooks, flying anchors, open barrels, from the nail device, bottle opener, measuring ruler, and so on. It is equipped with more than 20 kinds of functions, Detonators, hammers, cutouts, fasteners, wrenches, pry breakers, etc. Enjoy 'Chinese magic shovel' of the world

1417 can be equipped with a shovel-style all-inclusive thicker shovel bag, easy to carry out

Changlin 1417 Army spade for the 308 spade upgrade version, the handle can be lengthened wooden handle, increased window-breaking and flashlight features, the use of more convenient, shovel upgrade package for the whole package can be carried back, travel more convenient, shovel color By the 308 military shovel of military green into 1417 matte black scraper plate, and is equipped with high-end packaging.

High-tech stainless steel shovel plate as raw materials, after heat treatment process hardening, the hardness can reach HRC55 above. This hardness is not comparable to the general spade! When you cut it with a knife cut a small tree, you should not be too surprised.

Changlin 1417Is a basic feature of the military spade combination of multi-functional tactical tool.Minute small spade gives birth to a dozen kinds of necessary functions, in order to bring convenience in the wild conditions.Use and the indicators have reached the international advanced level, to fill the domestic , The international multi-functional military spade blank, with its It is easy to carry, functional diversification, high quality by experts call it 'Chinese magic shovel' Scope: field operations, agriculture and animal husbandry, exploration, archeology, gardening and tourism, leisure, sports and other activities. move.