A Shanghai Heng DHG-9030A electric heated blast drying oven industrial oven | lab dryer oven

A Shanghai Heng DHG-9030A electric heated blast drying oven industrial oven | lab dryer oven

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: a constant
  • Model: Electric Blast Oven
  • Model: 9030A
  • Color Classification: DHG-9030A (30-liter stainless steel tank) DHG-9030 (30 Sheng galvanized liner) DHG-9070A (80-liter stainless steel tank) DHG-9070 (80 Sheng galvanized liner) DHG-9140A (136 liter stainless steel liner) DHG-9140 (136 liter galvanized liner) DHG-9240A (220-liter stainless steel tank) DHG-9240 (220 liter galvanized liner) DHG-9420A (420 liters vertical stainless steel liner) DHG -9620A (620 liters vertical stainless steel liner) DHG-9920A (1000 liters vertical stainless steel liner) DHG-9030A oven separator / block

300 ℃ drying oven link:

Mirror cabinets are made of stainless steel welding is made of high quality steel outer casing, handsome in appearance, novel.

P.I.D microcomputer temperature controller with over-temperature protection error, digital display, with the timing, temperature control is accurate and reliable.

Hot air circulation system consists of continuous operation in high temperature air duct fan and the right composition, improve the indoor temperature uniformity.

Using new synthetic silicon seal, long-term high temperature operation, long life, easy to replace.

You can adjust the size of the box inlet and exhaust from the temperature control panel.

Independent limit temperature alarm system, exceeds the limit temperature is automatically interrupted, ensures experiments run safely without accidents. (Optional)

Can be equipped with a printer or RS485 interface for connecting a printer or computer, to record changes in temperature parameters. (Optional)

model DHG-9030 (A) DHG-9070 (A) DHG-9140 (A) DHG-9240 (A) DHG-9420 (A) DHG-9620 (A) DHG-9920 (A)
voltage AC220V 50HZ AC380 50HZ
Temperature range RT + 10~ 200/ RT + 10 ~ 250℃ (required ordering)
Temperature fluctuation ±1.0
Temperature uniformity ±3% (Test point100℃)
Temperature resolution 0.1
Working temperature RT + 5~ 40
input power 850W 1550W 2050W 2450W 3100W 4000W 6000W
Volume 30L 80L 136L 220L 420L 620L 1000L
Liner Size (mm) W × D × H 340×320×320 450×400×450 550×450×550 600×500×750 640×585×1355 840×600×1355 1000×600×1600
Dimensions (mm) W × D × H 620×530×490 740×618×630 840×670×730 880×720×930 780×720×1880 980×800×1880 1140×800×2150
Carrier stock (standard) 2 3Piece 4Piece 4Piece
Timing range 1~ 5999min

Note: with 'A' is mirror stainless steel, without the 'A' as galvanized sheet liner

1, multi-programmable LCD temperature controller .......... 1500 yuan

2, independent limit temperature controller ........................... 350 yuan

3, RS485 communication interfaces and software ................. 600 yuan

4, embedded printer .............................. 1500 yuan

5, 25mm diameter test holes ....................... 300 yuan

6, U disk data storage .............................. 1500 yuan

7, wireless alarm system (SMS alarm system) ......... 2500 yuan

Note: U disk, RS485 / 232, one of three printer


1, the box should be placed at the level of interior.
2, should be installed in the supply line in a steel knife switch, for this special case, and the chassis ground.
3, check this box before energizing the electrical properties, and should pay attention to whether there is leakage or disconnection phenomenon.
4. When everything is ready, can be placed in the test, close the door at the same time unscrew the exhaust valve at the top, then you can connect the power to work.
5, can not arbitrarily remove the side door, disturb or change the line, only when the tank fails to remove the side door, press the line one by one check.
6, in this case a non-explosion-proof oven, it is with inflammable volatile materials, not into the oven to avoid.
7, each test oven with two shelves. Each shelf average load of 10 kg, not too close and placement test when overloaded, so as not to affect the hot air convection, while at the bottom of the heat sink plate studio You can not be placed to prevent overheating and damage to the test sample.
Performance testing under no-load conditions: ambient temperature 20 ℃, humidity 50% RH measured

In the purchase of the oven, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1, we must first define their use temperature range;

2, knowing the temperature range;

3, own request to work with the material of the machine itself;

4, clearly what you want to test the product size;