Oversized baby changing mat waterproof breathable cotton mattress washable menstrual aunt newborn baby supplies children

Oversized baby changing mat waterproof breathable cotton mattress washable menstrual aunt newborn baby supplies children

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Mu Tong
  • Color Classification: 30 * 45 [2] loading [Meng Meng Xiong 50 * 70 * 50] [70] 50 * 70 small monkey giraffe [50] [70 * 50 * 70 puppies World] [50] * 70 baby sheep [love] color 70 * 80 * 70 [alphabetical] 80 [70] giraffe Meng Meng Xiong * 80 [70] [80 * 70 * 80 color [love] baby sheep] * 80 [70] 80 * 100 bear truck [ small plane] 80 * 100 [color love] 80 * 100 [alphabetical] 80 * 100 [small monkey] 80 * 100 [baby sheep] 100 * 150 [baby sheep] 100 * 150 [giraffe] 100 * 150 [small monkey [100] * 150 150 * 200 puppies in the world [150] * 200 small monkey love [color]
  • Item No: MT-082

Combed cotton, quality clearance, material ease, Struck deals

Four Seasons General , Reversible , Quality Hemming , Combing Material , Strong breathable , TPU waterproof

30x45cm is the pattern models, random hair color: color of love, small aircraft, sheep baby blue / pink, little monkey blue / pink, giraffe blue / pink, bear, dog world.

According to the existing warehouse inventory, random pattern hair models, oh, please a lot of play, then thank you to them.

Only courier Huitong rhyme pass postal, thank you!

small : 30 * 45cm recommend push-car use Medium: 50 * 70cm is recommended to use the crib
large: 70 * 80cm recommend use on the couch King: 80 * 100cm recommend the use of a large bed

King +:100 * 150cm mat crawling recommend use King +:150 * 200cm recommend Double bed

high recommended : Suitable for mattresses, car mats, floor mats, pet mats, mat menstrual period, the elderly changing mat sided thickening can use it both to increase .....

About phosphor : Denial fluorescent agent, no fluorescent agents combed cotton, cotton flannel, and other materials will contain a large number of fluorescent agents, pro receipt can be detected under the oh

Product Features

1.Real three-changing mat, double-sided available, soft, breathable, separated urine, cost-effective high;

2.Surface: cotton material, soft and comfortable, care of the baby tender skin;

3.Intermediate layer: high quality TPU, safety and environmental protection, waterproof, breathable not red PP;

4.Bottom: bamboo fiber material, the use of more healthy babies;

5.Cotton quality fillet edging, durable and washable, instill obedience, baby lying more comfortable;

6.A variety of specifications, a variety of colors to meet the different needs of the mother;


1.Baby supplies and clothes washing is recommended adults separated from the mother can be washed by hand, you can use the washing machine, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees and use natural laundry soap or liquid detergent to clean;

2.There may be separated changing mat after washing tiny shrink or fade situation is normal;

3.Drying is recommended in the gentle sun hanging to dry, avoid strong sunlight;