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Oven Electric Oven Dryer Oven Thermostat Drying Box Headlamp Industrial Oven Laboratory Aging Box

Product code: -37852700030
Unit price 71.94-879.21$
Sold quantity 585
Available stock 8133
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Cang Yue
  • Series: vertical
  • Model Number: 101
  • Color Classification: horizontal 202-00A inner 26 * 28 * 28 horizontal 202-00B inner 26 * 28 * 28 horizontal 101-00A interior 26 * 28 * 28 horizontal 101-00B interior 26 * 28 * 28 101-0A 101-0AB 101-1A 101-1AB 101-2A 101-2AB 101-3A 101-3AB 101-4A 101-4AB Vertical 101-00A Vertical 101-00AB

Tips : 1. This freight price is the smallest of the other models need to contact customer service freight calculation, please understand the pro-buyers, because the size of the great difference between the cost of logistics there is a big gap, please give the greatest understanding and support, thank you!

2. This product is part of the product is high-power products, there is no three-hole socket, you need to install the air switch to ensure safety, pro-understanding to give support!

3. Drying box for mass production, some parts of the color may be replaced, please understand.