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Universal pH standard buffer solution pH meter pH meter Pen calibration solution Buffer correction fluid Calibration calibration powder

Universal pH standard buffer solution pH meter pH meter Pen calibration solution Buffer correction fluid Calibration calibration powder
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  • Brand: Orion
  • Model: 4.0 / 6.86 / 9.18
  • Item No .: 4.0 / 6.86 / 9.18
  • Color correction solution: 4.0 / 25ml Calibration solution: 6.86 / 25ml Calibration solution: 9.18 / 25ml Calibration solution: 9.18 / 50ml Calibration solution: 6.86 / 50ml Calibration solution: 4.0 / 50ml Calibration solution: 7.0 / 50ml Calibration solution: 10.01 / 50m Calibration solution: 7.00 / 10.01 / 25ml calibration solution 4.0 / 250ml calibration solution 6.86 / 250ml correction solution 9.18 / 250ml calibration solution 7.00 / 250ml calibration solution 10.01 / 250ml calibration solution 4.0 / 500ml calibration solution 6.86 / 500ml calibration solution 7.0 / 500ml calibration solution 9.18 / 500ml calibration solution 10.01 / 500ml Calibration fluid 4.0 / liter Calibration fluid 6.86 / liter Calibration fluid 7.0 / liter Calibration fluid 9.18 / liter
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Product Name: PH acidity meter calibration powder / correction fluid

Liquid directly on the use

PH pH standard solution preparation powder has 4.00, 6.86, 7.0, 9.18, 10.01 five specifications,

Each package can be prepared 250ML standard solution.

Cut the plastic bag, the powder into the 250ML volumetric flask, a small amount of CO2-free distilled water rinse the inner wall of plastic bags and diluted to the scale can be shaken.

Powder shelf life of 2 years.

PH pH meter calibration buffer solution used directly

The calibration solution does not pollute the premise, can be reused .Waterproof after the shelf life of 6 months or so.

Calibration solution to use:

Clean the pH meter electrode with clean water (2-3 times), then immerse the electrode in the calibration solution, adjust the pH value of the pH meter to the same value as the calibration solution.

If you want the instrument to be more accurate, you can use two or three point calibration.

The so-called two-point calibration, Is to use two kinds of standard calibration fluid calibration, three-point calibration is to use three kinds of standard calibration solution calibration.

Generally, the calibration is started from 6.86, and then 4.00 or 9.18.

The PH meter must be recalibrated in the following cases:

1. Has been used (or placed for a long time) after calibration;

(2) the number of electrodes used particularly frequently;

3. The measurement accuracy requirement is relatively high;

4. After replacing the electrode (pH meter for replaceable electrode)