Pencil hardness tester QHQ-A coating | Paint hardness tester | Scratches 500 750 10,003

Pencil hardness tester QHQ-A coating | Paint hardness tester | Scratches 500 750 10,003

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: AICE / AIDS test
  • Model: QHQ-A
  • Item: 174
  • Renovation and construction content: painting works

QHQ-A pencil scratch tester (pencil hardness)

I. Purpose:

Paint film hardness is manufactured using a coating (coated sheet) industry will test the quality indicators identified pencil scratch coating hardness test method is a test method since the 1980s has been widely adopted internationally. Our country has also in paint development of industrial production and promotion of this test method. the instrument is based on national standards 'film hardness by pencil test.' "GB6379-86"Article 2, 3Article manual method and the design and manufacture of the instrument can be used in the laboratory, is also applicable to the construction site, and can be in any direction on the film hardness were identified.

II. Structure and working principle

Equipment for the mechanical three-point contact with the measured surface (two points for the round, a bit of pencil lead) pencils and always ensure that the test surface 45° angle, the force level to promote the instrument movement, to complete the testing process, the ability to resist deformation of the coating was measured.

III. Requirements

1. GB1279-79"General Preparation film Law" prepared three test pieces, usually smooth tinplate 120*50* (O.2-0.3) mm,

Or the size of the substrate and product otherwise provided.

2Test conditions: conditional product specification or construction requirements were.

four. Instructions:

1, The instrument flat on the test piece (if the test piece is smaller than the instrument, place the instrument on the test pieces before and the gasket on the bottom front of the instrument, the purpose is to maintain the level of the instrument) .

2, Pencil with a razor blade, so that the projecting portion is approximately refill2-5mm And sandpaper, and then a pencil into the instrument, so refill after contact with the test piece and fixed locking (recommendation: a hexagonal pencil, choose a fixed plane,

After the test, and then fixed the two planes of rotation test, then rotate the two planes fixed test, a circumferential surface may be used

Three times) during the test to remove the shim.

3, With the thumb and middle finger grip. Push the instrument from the back two wheels in the center of about 1-2cm to remove the instrument, (do not add any pressure to push the instrument) .

Determine the hardness, to see whether the specimen scratches recommended specimens do at least three positions above the average. Hardness series, Standard pencil from the soft to hard 6B 5B 4B 3B 2B B HB H 2H 3H 4H 5H 6H (total 13).