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Pencil Hardness Tester QHQ-A Coating | Paint Hardness Tester | Scratch 500 750 1000 Triple

Pencil Hardness Tester QHQ-A Coating | Paint Hardness Tester | Scratch 500 750 1000 Triple
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  • Brand: AICE / Ai test
  • Model: QHQ-A
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  • Decoration and construction content: paint works

Pencil hardness of the pencil is the weight of the weight of the measured object, not the car and the weight of the direct weight

QHQ-A Pencil Scratch Tester (Pencil Hardness Tester)

I. Uses:

Pencil hardness test method is a widely used test method since the 1980s, and has been widely applied in the field of coating, such as paints, paints, Development of research and industrial production in the promotion of this test method.This instrument is based on national standards 'film hardness pencil determination'GB6379-86"No. 2, 3The instrument can be used in the laboratory can also be applied to the construction site, and in any direction on the coating hardness of the identification.

2. Structure and working principle

Instrument for the mechanical, three-point contact with the measured surface (two points for the wheel, a point of lead) always ensure that the pencil and the measured surface 45° angle, force level to promote the movement of the instrument, you can complete the testing process to determine the ability of coating resistance to deformation.

3. Requirements for use

1. GB1279-79"Film general preparation method" Preparation of three pieces, generally smooth tinplate 120*50* (O.2-0.3) Mm,

Or as specified in the product and the size of the substrate.

2Test conditions: according to product standards or construction requirements of the conditions.

four. Instructions:

1, Place the instrument flat on the test piece (if the test piece is smaller than the instrument, place the test piece in front of the instrument and place the spacer under the front of the instrument to keep the instrument level) .

2, Cut the pencil with the blade so that the protrusion of the center of the pen is approximately2-5mm , And polished in the sandpaper, and then insert a pencil into the instrument, so that after the heart of the pen with the test piece and fixed locking, (Recommendation: pencil hexagonal, fixed when you choose a flat,

After the test, rotate the two flat and then fixed test, and then rotate the two plane fixed test, a circular surface can be used

Three times) test to remove the gasket.

3, With the thumb and middle finger caught in the center of the two wheels. Push the instrument forward and backward about 1-2cm to remove the instrument, (push the instrument do not add any pressure) .

Determine the hardness, see the specimen with or without scratches.The proposed test piece at least do more than three locations, take the average hardness of the series, Standard pencil from soft to hard 6B 5B 4B 3B 2B B HB H 2H 3H 4H 5H 6H (total 13).