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Weihua DT9205A high-precision electronic multimeter digital universal table | universal meter with automatic shutdown

Weihua DT9205A high-precision electronic multimeter digital universal table | universal meter with automatic shutdown
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Product parameters:

  • Item No
  • + Standard + 9V battery standard + with the victory table pen + 1V standard + 9V battery + victory table pen standard +9 V battery + standard table with a standard battery battery
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects
  • Work: digital display
  • Accuracy: Other
  • Brand: WHDZ
  • Model: dt9205a

Positive panorama

Range detail

Measurement of household 220V voltage

Measure 90K resistance

Measure 100nf capacitance

Day cat Mall! Manufacturers authorized certification! Warranty upgrade, Three months of quality problems Baohuan, one year warranty repair! Seven days no reason to return! The quality of genuine manufacturers! Weihua products for export for two-thirds, is the domestic product through the CE and other certification!

Solemn promise: This multimeter, if quality problems, support seven days no reason to be returned! In order to allow you to use the peace of mind, if the product quality problems, Three months replacement , one year warranty! (Warranty shipping: receipt of goods within seven days of the problem, back and forth freight shop out, seven days outside of three months, freight I shop take a trip, more than three months, the warranty freight buyers out ) This multimeter, after rigorous testing, only allowed in the factory!

This multimeter has four characteristics:

First, with the wrong operation to protect. Even with the current file to measure the voltage file (direct short-circuit) and only burn the fuse.

Second, with automatic shutdown. Have this feature, since do not be afraid to forget the shutdown caused by the battery charge.

Third, the test value is stable. As some of the more than 20 of the top table, measuring some values ​​such as AC voltage, the results will have been substantially jump.This section does not have this phenomenon multimeter.

Fourth, the real through the EU CE certification, quality standards to the EU, the products are exported to the EU countries. Unlike some 20 yuan more than a multimeter, even playing a CE certification standard, internal materials and processes are not up to standard, resulting in performance is not stable.

Friendly reminder: Although the multimeter with anti-burn protection, but the protection of the various stalls are not the same, and the protection time of 10 seconds or less, specifically in the manual to write. Good range in the measurement!

· Product Type: DT9205A
· 3 1/2 digital LCD screen, the maximum display value of 1999
Capacitance measurement
• Data hold function
• Low voltage symbol display
· Overload protection
· On-off measurement (buzzer function)
·Automatic shut-down
(Function) ------- (range) ------- (accuracy)
DC voltage: 200 mV to 1000 V '± (0.5% + 1 dgt)'
AC voltage: 200 mV - 750 V '± (0.8% + 3dgt)'
DC current: 2mA-20A '± (0.8% + 1dgt)'
AC current: 2mA-20A '± (1.0% + 3dgt)'
- Resistance: 200Ω - 200MΩ '± (1.0% + 1dgt)'
- Capacitance: 20nF - 200μF '± (4.0% + 3dgt)'
Diode: Yes
Transistor: Yes
On-off measurement: Yes
Sleep Mode: Yes
Data retention: Yes
Power supply: 6F22 9V battery
Maximum display: 1999

size: 185 * 90 * 35MM

The multimeter includes the following accessories:
1 DT9205A multimeter 1 set
2 DT9205A multimeter table pen 1 pay
3 DT92 series multimeter general instructions 1 part
4 DT9205A multimeter warranty card 1 part
5 9V battery 1 section (has been loaded before the multimeter) 1 section

Back Cover Sheath (with support bracket)