Official authentic | Weihua digital multimeter | Universal Table DT9205A | Multifunction | full protection against burning

Official authentic | Weihua digital multimeter | Universal Table DT9205A | Multifunction | full protection against burning

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Item no: 351
  • Color category: ships standard with (accessories complete with battery and table) factory standard + standard + original plus the original table tables come standard with +9V battery + distribution victories table good 1 fubiao victory with +9V battery + meter probe to the standard +9V batteries
  • Renovation and construction of hydropower engineering
  • Working mode: digital display
  • Accuracy: other
  • Brand: WHDZ
  • Model: dt9205a

A positive panorama

Range details

Measuring household 220V voltage

90K resistance measurement

Measurement of 100nf capacitor

Cat Mall! Factory authorized certification! Warranty upgrade Shifting to quality problems in the three month, one year warranty! Seven days and no reason to return! The real manufacturers of quality! Weihua product exports two-thirds, reinstate a domestic one-third. Products through the CE and other certifications!

Solemn promise: this multimeter, if there is quality problem, support seven days no reason to return! In order to make you feel at ease, if the products have quality problems, Three months of shifting One year warranty! (Warranty shipping: within seven days of receipt of goods issues, shipping our seven days within three months, shipping my shop to take a trip more than three months warranty freight buyer ) This multimeter, after rigorous testing, allowed in the factory!

This meter has four major characteristics:

One misuse protection. Even if it is used to measure voltage (direct short circuits) have only the burning fuse.

The second, with automatic shutdown. Has this feature, then don't forget battery caused by the shutdown of electricity.

Third, the test value is stable. As some topical for more than more than 20 tables, certain values such as AC voltage measuring results will jump significantly. The multimeter does not have this phenomenon.

Four, actually passed the European CE certification, quality to meet EU standards, products are exported to European Union countries. Unlike some of the more than 20 a multimeter, even CE certification standard, substandard materials and technology, leading to inconsistent performance.

Friendly reminder: multimeter, though with a burn-proof protection, but protection of the various stalls to different degrees, and in less than 10 seconds, specific instructions written on. So please when you use, be careful. Selected ranges in measurement!

Product model: DT9205A
• 3 1/2 digital LCD screen, the maximum display value of 1999
• Capacitance measurements
• Data hold function
• Low voltage symbol appears
• Overload protection
Measurement • and off (buzzer function)
• Auto power off
DC voltage: 200mV-1000V "± (0.5%+1dgt)"
AC voltage: 200mV-750V "± (0.8%+3dgt)"
DC current: 2mA-20A "± (0.8%+1dgt)"
AC current: 2mA-20A "± (1.0%+3dgt)"
--Resistance: 200 ω -200M ω "± (1.0%+1dgt)"
--Capacitance: 20nF-200 μ f "± (4.0%+3dgt)"
Breaking measurements:
Sleep mode:
Data retention:
Power supply: type 6F22 9V battery
Maximum display: 1999

Size: 185*90*35MM

The meter consists of the following accessories:
1 DT9205A multimeter 1
2 DT9205A universal table 1 pay
3 DT92 series multimeter general instructions 1
4 DT9205A multimeter warranty card 1
5 1 9V battery (before the issue is mounted on a multimeter) Section 1

Sheath on the back (with the side support bracket)