State Gros | Jin S5.1 Phone Case | Jin S5.1 phone sets | S5.1 metal frame | gn9005 shell

State Gros | Jin S5.1 Phone Case | Jin S5.1 phone sets | S5.1 metal frame | gn9005 shell

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Metal
  • Style: Border formula
  • Color Classification: (pure black + steel membrane (pink) + steel membrane (style white) + steel membrane (style black) + steel membrane Eiffel Tower + steel membrane (Long Black) + steel membrane (Apple Wind Tyrant gold) + steel film (apple wind 6 silver) + steel membrane (apple wind Long black) + steel membrane (apple wind dragon silver) + steel membrane (apple wind Tyrant gold) + steel membrane (apple wind Uli black) + steel membrane (apple wind silver) + steel membrane color grid + steel membrane pensive girl + steel membrane big beautiful eyes + steel film embossed style black + steel membrane relief Chinese dragon + steel membrane nail + steel membrane lost fawn + steel membrane (solid Tyrant gold) + steel membrane take beautiful flower + tempered steel membrane film life dotted line + glasses boy + steel membrane
  • Style: Luxury
  • Applicable phone models: Gionee / Gionee
  • Gionee Model: Gionee S5.1 metal frame
  • Brand: BANGS / high state official
  • Model: Gionee S5.1 metal frame

Gionee S5.1 / GN9005 thin metal frame + PC backplane

(Now photographed payment immediately send gifts around nine sets containing film + data line) in a film before sending steel

[Aviation aluminum build quality assurance!]

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Practical spree give away Former super clear after wear + film + dust plugs (black and white) for each set of lens cleaning cloth + fish bone router + 1 + 1 + movie bracket radiation stickers 1

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