Test of Strength of Concrete Mixed with Pure-earth Hammer by Digital Rebound Instrument with Rebound Instrument of Concrete / Concrete Machinery in Shandong Leling Zhongzhui ZC3-A

Test of Strength of Concrete Mixed with Pure-earth Hammer by Digital Rebound Instrument with Rebound Instrument of Concrete / Concrete Machinery in Shandong Leling Zhongzhui ZC3-A

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: in the back
  • Model: Leling Rebound instrument ZC3-A
  • Item: ZC3-A
  • (With the ticket) + tool box mortar hammer (instrument) + toolbox concrete rebound instrument (tool box) + Toolbox YD225C with a vote of concrete rebound instrument + Toolbox mortar hammer (instrument) + toolbox mortar rebound instrument (toolbox) + toolbox mortar rebound instrument (tool box) Measuring brick rebound instrument (by votes) + toolbox
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

The picture shows the real shotgun concrete shot pictures, Brick Hammer, Mortar Hammer Please prevail in kind.

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Product Specifications:

product name Concrete Hammer Brick Hammer Test Mortar Hammer
Product number ZC3-A ZC4 ZC5
Nominal kinetic energy 2.207J 0.735J 0.196J
Impact length of hammer 75 ± 0.3 mm 75 ± 0.3 mm 75 ± 0.3 mm
The friction of the pointer slider 0.65±0.15N 0.5±0.1N 0.5±0.1N
The working length of impact spring 61.5 ± 0.3 mm 61.5 ± 0.3 mm 61.5 ± 0.3 mm
Hammer stripping position Scale '100' engraved Scale '100' engraved Scale '100' engraved
Spherical radius of the end of the bar 25 ± 1 mm 25 ± 1 mm 25 ± 1 mm
Steel anvil rate 80±2 74±2 74±2

Hammer maintenance:

The correct operation of the Hammer:

1. Hold the lever against the surface of the concrete, lightly press the instrument, release the button, release the rod when the pressure is released, and hang the hammer.

2. The axis of the instrument is always perpendicular to the surface of the concrete and slowly evenly pressure, until the impact hammer stripper hit the impact bar, the rebound hammer to move the pointer back to a position, the indicator block on the show A value on the scale indicates a rebound value.

3. Keep the instrument movement against the concrete surface and record the rebound value. If the condition is not conducive to reading, press the button to lock the movement and move the instrument to the reading.

4. Gradual decompression of the instrument, so that the stick from the stick out of the instrument until the next use.

Hammer of maintenance:

Hammer should be one of the following circumstances should be routine maintenance:

1. Hit more than 2000 times;

2. When there is doubt about the detection value;

3. The steel anvil rate is unqualified;

Routine maintenance methods should meet the following requirements:

1. Unhook the hammer and remove the movement, and then remove the ejector lever (remove the buffer spring inside) and triple pieces (bomb hammer, bomb striking extension spring and spring seat);

2. Clean all parts of the movement with gasoline, especially the inner hole and impact surface of the center guide bar, hammer hammer and striking rod. After cleaning, thinly spread a watch oil or sewing machine oil on the center guide rod, other Parts are not oiled;

3. Clean the cabinet wall, remove the scale, check the pointer friction force should be between 0.5-0.8N;

4. Do not rotate the screw on the tail cover which has been fastened.

5. Do not make or replace parts;

6. After maintenance should be required to rate the test, the rate should be set value of 80 ± 2.

Hammer test:

Hammer one of the following circumstances should be sent to the statutory department of verification, the test should be qualified with a test certificate Hammer:

1. Before the opening of the new hammer;

2. Exceeds the valid period of validity (valid for six months);

3. The cumulative number of bullet hit more than 6,000 times;

4. After the routine maintenance of steel anvil set value failure;

5. Severe shock or other damage.