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Infrared thermometer industrial electronic thermometer non - contact temperature measuring instrument infrared thermometer

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: TIANXUN
  • Model: DT-480
  • Item: Infrared thermometer
  • Color classification: thermometer + ordinary battery thermometer + rechargeable battery + charger
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

This product is factory direct industrial hand-held infrared thermometer, the sale of products are genuine original, such as fake leave, the original price of 380 is the price of 110 yuan to buy is earned, the details of consultation customer service, 400-611 -8359 Complaints: 17721086770, this product is DT-480 model thermometer, temperature range in the -42-480In degrees Celsius, for other measurement range can choose DT-360 model, temperature range -42-360Celsius, the price is special $ 178. DT-380 model, temperature range -50-380Celsius, the price is special 75 yuan.