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Fluke MT4 MAX / MAX + handheld infrared thermometer |

Fluke MT4 MAX / MAX + handheld infrared thermometer |
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  • Brand: FLUKE / Fluke
  • Model: MT4 / MT4 +
  • Item No .: Fluke MT4 MAX / MAX + Infrared Thermometer
  • Color Classification: Fluke MT4 MAX Handheld Infrared Thermometer Fluke MT4 MAX + Handheld Infrared Thermometer
  • Decoration and construction content: infrared thermometer

Fluke MT4 MAX, MT4 MAX + infrared thermometer

With over 65 years of experience, Fluke is a leader in the test tooling industry, producing MT4 MAX, MT4 MAX + Infrared Thermometers, which ensure accuracy and cost within your budget. The compact, compact infrared thermometer can withstand a drop of 1 meter, so you can use it with confidence.

  • The use of precision laser technology, the measurement is more accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Large backlit LCD display allows users to view and read information
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to fit the instrument into the toolbox
  • MT4 max: 8: 1 distance to spot size ratio
  • MT4 max +: 10: 1 distance from the spot size ratio
  • MT4 max maximum temperature range of 350 ℃
  • MT4 max + maximum temperature range 400 ℃
  • IP40 protection provides additional protection
  • Displays the minimum, maximum, or average temperature, or the difference between two measurements
  • High temperature and low temperature alarm, can quickly display the measured value exceeds the limit
  • The power supply is one (1) AA battery
  • one year warranty
  • Flow 'class' Speak
    Optical resolution (D: S)
    Which is the ratio of the temperature probe probe to the target diameter, where D is the distance between the thermometer and the measured target, S refers to the diameter of the field of view temperature, the ratio between the two is called the optical resolution If the temperature farther away , The smaller the target, should choose the higher the resolution of the thermometer
    Is the ability of the object to radiate infrared energy, numerical value is the actual physical and the same temperature blackbody radiation ratio, the vast majority of common objects emissivity 0.95, metal, or special plastic emissivity of different materials is not 0.95, emissivity continuous (Black paint) or insulating tape attached to the target surface, by adjusting the measurement of black paint or insulating tape location of the temperature, while the emissivity of the instrument (at the same time, Can be set to 0.95, thereby accurately measuring the object temperature
    Measure bright surfaces
    When measuring the surface temperature of light-emitting objects, such as aluminum and stainless steel, the surface reflection will affect the infrared thermometer degree before reading the temperature can be attached to the metal surface of non-reflective tape to detect the tape at the temperature to prevent the surface Reflection affects accuracy

    Technical specifications
    What is the impact of accurate worry? Fluke thermometer where the value?
    Worry 1:
    Sudden change in temperature, but also prospective?

    The abrupt changes in ambient temperature have an effect on the accurate measurement of the infrared thermometer.The typical scene is winter or summer, the inspectors measure the indoor and outdoor, if you want to obtain accurate results, you need to wait for some time in the test site, Infrared thermometer and the site temperature is close to the measurement, called the thermal shock recovery.The test data show that Fluke pyrometer thermal shock is good, reading only within the accuracy range beating Fluke thermometer heritage old Leitai 30 Year heat transfer research and development experience, with excellent heat transfer and heat exchange design to ensure accurate.
    Worry 2
    Accidental fall, but also prospective?

    Because the thermometer contains the optical system, accidental drop not only may damage the appearance, but also may affect its accuracy.Fluck thermometer 62MAX / + and MT4MAX / + respectively by 3 meters and 1 meter drop test, rigorous industry Designed to minimize damage to the optical system and circuitry when the body is impacted
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    Strong wet environment, but also prospective?

    In the use of infrared thermometer ah, will encounter the challenges of temperature changes in the relative humidity of more than 90% of the environment, the infrared thermometer can maintain accurate? Fluke each model are used 'Six Sigma' principle In extreme environments hundreds of tests and debugging, 100% guarantee that each test machine can achieve the nominal size.
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    Electromagnetic interference, but also prospective?

    Industrial field of electromagnetic interference everywhere, such as various types of radio transmission equipment, electrical equipment, electronic equipment, etc. Fluke thermometer selected advanced substrate, effectively reduce the electromagnetic interference and high humidity on the accurate impact.
    Repeat the measurement, but also prospective?

    The same measured object in a period of time a constant surface temperature, with a thermometer to measure the number of readings obtained by the smaller the deviation, indicating that the higher the repeatability of the thermometer.High repeatability is very important to the user: 1 , To eliminate the error caused by bias judgment .2, cumulative empirical data of the confidence interval .Fluck thermometer using expensive op-amp and strict circuit layout to ensure 0.5% of the measurement repeatability.

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