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Acidity meter PH meter hand-held aquarium acidity meter portable pH meter pH pen swimming pool precision acidity meter

Acidity meter PH meter hand-held aquarium acidity meter portable pH meter pH pen swimming pool precision acidity meter
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Orion
  • Series: PH meter
  • Model: PH-280
  • PH-280 '0.01 Accuracy, replaceable electrode, ATC temperature compensation, automatic calibration 'PH-618'0.01 Accuracy, backlight, ATC temperature compensation, automatic calibration, replaceable electrode' PH-058'0.1 Accuracy, Function, ATC temperature compensation, manual calibration, non-replaceable electrode 'PH-280 Electrode head PH-618 Electrode tip

Please note: PH meter default test range is 0-14, although the PH meter test range is 0-14, but each test pen has the best use of the environment, the best environment to use the test pen Of the life is the best. OUR any one pen PH meter is not suitable for testing strong acid-base high temperature, viscous liquid, if you are to test strong acid or high temperature liquid, it is recommended to consult customer service to buy (Such as the electrode head), the product can be repaired (such as buttons, keyboard, etc.) can not repair is the glass products (such as the electrode head) Repair is not a free replacement, the proposed carefully shot, thank you! Recommended range of acidity meter is 4-10PH, temperature 10-50 ℃!

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Third, the operation guide

1, before use please remove the PH electrode below the protection cap, the PH electrode in pure water or distilled water, stir, fully washed and then spin dry, press ON / OFF boot, PH double electrode immersed in the measured solution, slightly Add rock after the static placed until PH digital stability after reading, is the measured solution PH value.

2, PH meter factory default temperature unit is ℃, if you want to change the temperature unit, please do the following: In the PH meter shutdown state, press and hold the CAL hold, then press ON / OFF to be displayed on the right side of the display: 'C' or 'F', then press CAL to select 'F' or '° C', press HOLD to save, and the display will show 'SA' symbol, indicating the selected temperature unit has been saved , The instrument automatically enters the normal measurement mode.

3. Calibration: Prepare the standard buffer of 6.86PH or 7.00PH, press ON / OFF to turn on, and then insert the PH electrode into the standard buffer. After the PH number is stable, press CAL 3 seconds, CAL symbol display, then release the CAL, PH meter will automatically recognize the current temperature standard buffer value, display about one second of the current measured value, and then display the current temperature standard buffer value, two seconds after the show 'SA 'Symbol indicates that calibration results are being memorized and then the' END 'symbol is displayed indicating that the calibration has been completed and returns to normal measurement after one second If the CAL is pressed, the' END 'symbol is displayed after one second, which indicates that the standard buffer has failed or The aging of the electrode, press any key to exit, restore the measurement state. Please confirm the standard buffer or electrode is normal. Calibration of other buffer, the method above.

When the pH meter is calibrated without the 'END' symbol displayed, do not remove the pH meter from the standard buffer. The pH meter should be calibrated using the standard buffer and the correct method of operation. Incorrect calibration will be added. Large measurement error! In the non-standard calibration state, do not press the CAL otherwise it will cause the instrument error calibration, resulting in the instrument does not work or measurement error seriously exceeded.

4, the instrument press ON / OFF to boot, the normal work, the display shows the 'MEAS' symbol that the instrument is in the measurement state, press the HOLD will lock the current data on the display, and the display will appear 'HOLD ' Symbol, and then press HOLD to release the lock mode.

5, the instrument has the memory of the current measurement results, complete the measurement by HOLD to be displayed on the screen 'HOLD ' Symbol, turn off the instrument, the next measurement, the instrument automatically displays the last measurement of the value, press HOLD clear the last measurement.

6, Over-range display, when the PH value is lower than '0' or higher than '14', PH display shows: 'L ---' or 'H ---' When the temperature is too low or too high, The temperature display will show 'L' or 'H'

7, low voltage tips: When the battery symbol shows that the battery voltage is insufficient, please replace the new battery as soon as possible, do not mix old and new batteries.

Fourth, the use of precautions

1, calibration equipment, please try to choose near the measured liquid PH value of the standard buffer solution, so that the measurement results can be more accurate.

The number of times the instrument is calibrated is based on the measured solution, electrode performance, and accuracy of the measurement. High accuracy measurements should be calibrated in time. For general accuracy measurements, use one calibration interval for one week or more, or The electrode is inserted close to the measured solution pH standard buffer solution and must be recalibrated if its error exceeds your accuracy requirements.

2. The instrument must be recalibrated under the following conditions:

A, Long-term unused electrode or a new electrode.

B, After measuring concentrated acid, or after measuring concentrated alkali.

C, After measuring the fluoride-containing solution and the thicker organic solution.

3. When using, please do not put the PH meter into the liquid too deep, as long as the liquid can not be too glass electrode.Please pay special attention to the use of the PH electrode fixed ring loose, if the PH electrode fixed ring loose, PH meter used in the process of testing Of the liquid may enter the instrument causing internal failure.

4, PH composite electrode sensitive glass bulb must be in humid conditions to maintain the activation state, and the normal test.If the PH electrode is dry for a long time, there will be slow response, poor accuracy and other abnormal situation.Therefore in the PH-10/100 Waterproof pen-type pH meter at the bottom of the electrode cap, there is a water sponge, the user must always keep the sponge moist, when the sponge is dry, add appropriate PH4.00 standard buffer solution, ( Do not let the solution out), and cover the electrode protection cap, so PH electrode in wet conditions remain active.

5, long-term unused PH composite electrode if you have dried, should be used 3.3MOL / L KCL solution soak for several hours, or buy a special electrode soaking solution.

6, PH electrode front of the sensitive glass bulb, can not be in contact with the hard objects, any damage and hair will make the electrode failure before and after the measurement must be cleaned with pure water electrode to ensure the measurement accuracy in the viscosity test After the determination in the sample, the electrodes need to repeatedly rinse with pure water several times to remove the adhesion of the glass film on the sample, or first with the appropriate solvent cleaning, and then wash the solvent with pure water.